5 Advantages of Online Dog Training

Yay! You got a new puppy!

There is nothing quite like the company, unconditional love, play, and fun that a puppy dog can bring into your life. Ensuring that your puppy is well trained and fits into your home, lifestyle, and family will require an investment in time and a learning process for you and your best friend.

You are going to have to learn to communicate and understand each other. One interesting point that we almost overlook is that dog training is not just for the four legged, but the owner as well.

The dog trainer is there to guide, assist and give you the tools you need . Ultimately, you will be training your dog,

Buster needs time, patience and consistency to comprehend what is expected of him. He is not a mind reader but definitely a master at reading body language and interpreting the tone of your voice.

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This is where your training comes in. You would be amazed at the mixed signals we constantly send to our dog. What do we get in return? …. Mixed reactions, inconsistent behaviour, and eventually, a confused dog.

Learning to be calm and confident while training our dog will speed the dog learning process.

Having said all of that, puppies and young dogs are curious and adventurous by nature. Like little children they are on a mission to discover the world around them: A world of smells, how nice it feels in their mouth, taste etc…. This is part of growing up.

It is interesting to notice that often Buster behaves so well at the weekly obedience class. However, when you return home he starts acting up and does not respond so well. What’s going on? There could be one or several reasons for this:

There is little distraction in most puppy classes so Buster stays focused. He has better things to do than listening to you.

The trainer has established his/her position as a pack leader and will not be challenged Since puppy classes are often only once a week, Buster may just be forgetting what he has learned as the days pass and needs ongoing reminders.

How to get around these situations? Well, dog owners now have the opportunity to learn more about training and behavior online. Now initially some dog owners may be thinking “Huh?” but then when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

Advantages of Online Dog Training.

1 –  The online dog training lessons can be called upon anytime. You can review it and then apply the lesson at home with Buster. When you both feel comfortable and confident you can move to the park for a more challenging situation.

2 –  You can practice on your own time and at your own pace.

3 – You can listen to the instructor’s tone of voice and observe the specific body language. Dogs respond well to some tones of voice and not so well to others. Puppies also respond really well to appropriate body language, so online classes can demonstrate what you should and shouldn’t be doing with your body.

4 – You will be training Buster yourself.  The tips and help you will get can be reviewed at our convenience. You are going to learn a lot about your dog and yourself.

5 – The whole household can watch the lessons together or when it is convenient. This can be great when everyone is off doing their own thing and no-one is around for the formal class at some inconvenient time. Also, the other members of the household won’t be able to plead ignorance on what is OK and not OK for the puppy to be doing.

Puppy obedience is all about consistency and commitment and every family member has to be on the same page. If you are the only person training the puppy and everyone else is doing the exact opposite, you will end up with a confuse dog with mixed reactions and behaviors.

Owning a dog is a responsibility. To enjoy years of love, fun, and companionship with Buster requires commitment and consistency. No-one wants to be the owner of a Marley or a Cujo. It is a learning experience for a new dog owner.

The time invested in obedience training should be fun, will build closer bonds, and ultimately result in a well mannered dog. A well trained dog is a free and happy companion that will be a great and enjoyable companion day to day and able to be taken anywhere.

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