7 Dog Barking Solutions that Work

Dog barking is a helpful feature of our pets. However, when the barks get louder and the duration becomes constant, that’s also when the going gets tough. Find out how to solve this behavior effectively.

We are sure that pet owners like you have all encountered this all too familiar sensation before:

You just got home from work so you’re very tired.

Before you lay down on the bed to sleep or before you sit on the couch to relax, though, your dog barks endlessly and loudly so you are forced to attend to him before attending to yourself.

As a result, you don’t get to rest anymore.

We understand what you’re feeling. Yes, dogs are wonderful pets who give you all the love in the world.

Also, it’s true that having a pet is your responsibility so you need to care for your pet using the best of your efforts.

Sometimes, though, you can’t help but feel that you also need to get your own personal “you-time”. You also require a time of peace and quiet. You, too, need a calm period where you can just organize your thoughts and remain at serenity with your life.

You can only have this when you deal with excessive dog barking. And since you already know about the common reasons of why dogs bark excessively, you only need to be familiar with these seven dog barking solutions that really work:

#1. Address the excessive dog barking problem promptly

Don’t expect this problem to just go away. The longer he’s more accustomed to barking destructively, the harder it is for you to get him to stop barking excessively.

Never wait for your dog to make excessive barking his lifetime habit. It’s time for you to solve this recurring problem now.

#2. Establish your dominance in the relationship

Before you begin training or correcting the behavior, you should still make sure that your dog views you as the “alpha” in the relationship. After all, if this is not clear to your dog, he might not pay attention to any of your teachings.

Assert your dominance each time you interact with him so that he won’t be confused towards the dynamics of your relationship. Make him think that you are the leader so that he is more likely to follow your instructions.

After all, your pet will only trust you once he knows exactly where you stand in his own standards of social hierarchy.

#3. Remove any negative stimulus that might trigger your dog to bark excessively

Sometimes, stimulus incidentally gives threatening impressions towards your pet dog. Most pet dogs consider unfamiliar stimuli as dangerous simply because these stimuli are either unknown or alarming.

Therefore, your dog barks excessively in order to “scare away” these scary stimuli:

When your pet is inside, put whole curtains on your windows so that he can’t see what’s happening outside.

Observe his behavior for several days and determine the noises that trigger his excessive barking behavior. Introduce him to different noises to distract him.

Socialize him with most noises around your neighborhood to make him familiar with these noises and to prevent him from barking excessively upon hearing these noises.

#4. Ignore – as in do not pay any attention – to your pet while he is barking

If he barks excessively just to get your attention, use every possible muscle in your body to ignore him. Don’t pet him. Don’t touch him. Don’t talk to him. Don’t even look at him.

Wait for him to stop barking, and then give him a reward.

This may seem cruel, as dogs are social creatures. But it is actually very beneficial for both of you!

#5. Keep your pet entertained and busy for most of the time

When you are going to be away for too long, chances are your dog will terribly miss you. Dogs are particularly vulnerable to separation anxiety. This is true even though most pet owners are unaware of this fact.

Therefore, he’s more likely to bark and bark until you arrive. Find out about this problem by talking to your neighbors.

What’s the best dog barking solution for this problem?

Give him something to distract himself with. Make sure that this toy is safe enough so that you can leave it with him for a long period of time. Make sure that it’s also interesting enough so that he’ll be too occupied with it that he won’t even miss you that much even when you’re away from home.

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#6. Give him the proper nourishment that he needs consistently and regularly

Your pet dog is a living creature that still needs to ingest food, drink water and take vitamins for him to be able to function normally and enjoy life to the fullest. Naturally, your pet experiences hunger and thirst as well so for him to communicate this fact to you, he resorts to barking excessively and howling loudly.

Make this dog barking solution effective by implementing the following:

Establish a set routine for feeding time. The recommended duration is every three to four hours, but you may also observe your dog’s behavior for a while to determine exactly what duration to consider.

Follow the routine sincerely. Don’t skip meals or your dog may feel intensely threatened with the change in schedule. Pets are fairly sensitive with regards to routine and regimens – they can sense when something is not the way it should be done because of their instinct – so make sure to be consistent.

Don’t give food to your pet when he is misbehaving. Instead, wait for him to calm down and behave before giving the treat that he deserves.

#7. Let your pet dog wear a head halter as a dog barking solution

The head halter is a humane restraint because it doesn’t cause any pain to your dog at all. It’s a special collar that goes around your dog’s nose and neck so he can’t be able to behave destructively.

Also, head halters are known to have a calming or a distracting effect on several dogs, so using it on your pet may cause him to bark less as well.

(NOTE: For your dog’s safety, never leave the head halter on your dog when you can’t supervise him.)

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