About Us

Who are we?!?

Our team of dedicated writers have been dog owners their whole lives. We have gone through all of the trials and tribulations of dog ownership – from training puppies, to being woken at 6 am every Saturday, to sickness, to enjoying nature, to losing a loved companion.

When we dreamed up this page, we had one companion. His name is Dobby and he is a dachshund / corgi / jack russell mix. He’s a very loving, high-energy pooch. We regularly wrote about his adventures :).

Now, we have a team that each have their own companions, and we want to help other dog owners find the absolute best for their dogs. After all, these amazing creatures deserve it!

With that, we’re here to share the wealth of dog knowledge that we have acquired, with you, our readers.

What is our purpose?!?

We are here to serve 2 primary functions:

  1. To provide you with great dog crate and dog bed reviews. We have spent way too much money on dog crates and dog beds throughout the years in pursuit of finding the best dog crates and dog beds on the market. Seriously, we cannot even begin to tell you how many dog crates and dog beds our dogs have broken or shredded. We don’t want anyone else to have to go through that frustration.
  2. To share with you the wealth of knowledge that we have accumulated over the years. We have been to countless dog trainers, veterinarians, and all over the internet to find out the most practical and efficient ways to train and care for our dogs. We’re going to update our articles on a very regular basis. Our knowledge is ever-growing and we look forward to sharing it with you!