The Aidi Dog Breed

All About the Aidi Shepherd Dog

The Aidi dog is a mountain breed that was and is still used to herd sheep in Morocco. They protect cattle and flocks as well as herd them for shepherds. It has similar looks to a Pariah dog which hints they have some sort of linage to each other. Not much is known about the aidi due to it being rare and not often seen in other countries. They can however be a friendly and loyal house pet.


Aidi dogs are of medium height and can weigh around forty to fifty pounds. They have a thick double coat which protects them from harsh weather. They come in many colors from white, sable, black, spotted, tri colored, and beige. Their shaggy ears and big eyes give them a cute appearance, as well as their rounded black or brown nose. Aidis have a very friendly look to them which make them perfect household pets.


Aidis are energetic and love to get exercise, especially since herding and guarding is in their blood. They are always alert and ready to enjoy their day with their masters. These dogs have a keen sense of smell and are usually found sniffing anything they come by. They can be very sensitive and they need attention from their loved ones when they appear lonely or are not acting themselves. Aidis love to chase, catch, and run with their owners at any given chance.


Like with any thick coated dog, they need special grooming two times a week or else they will shed much more than usual. A bath should be at least a month and special shampoo for double coat dogs should be used. They should be trimmed nicely around the summer months as extensive heat can be very uncomfortable for them.


They need their daily exercise in the form of running or walking, as when they stay indoors they are not as active as they should be. They can live up to thirteen years if no health problems rise and they are not prone to any breed related diseases.

The aidi dog is an interesting breed that was first used as a sheepdog before becoming the loving family pet that it I today. These hard working dogs have earned their keep and their way into their human companions hearts.

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