Beatrice Home Fashions Crate Pad Review

You’ve done the hard and you’ve found the perfect crate for your dog. It’s sturdy, looks great, and, best of all, your dog has come to see it as a kind of home away from home.

There’s only one problem: you’re worried that it’s not going to be comfortable for your dog for extended periods. It’s a common problem with crates that are built out of durable materials.

Especially for older dogs, or dogs that struggle with joint pain, it’s essential to ding a crate pad that is going to add a nice finishing touch, and keep your pet comfortable for just as long as they can nap (chances are that’s quite a long time).

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It might be a tall order, but luckily Beatrice Home Fashions has the perfect solution that will keep both you and your dog happy.


When shopping for your Beatrice Home Fashions Crate Pad, the first thing that you’ll likely notice is the sheer amount of choice that Beatrice Home Fashions has provided. If aesthetics is important to you, you’ve found the crate pad for you.

The Crate Pad is available in 8 colors: Pink, Black, Burgundy, Chocolate, Navy, Purple, Silver, and Taupe. All of the colors look great, and there’s going to be one that matched the existing furniture and color of your home.

Beatrice Home Fashions didn’t stop at giving you options in terms of color. It also put a nice finishing touch in the form of a pay print on the corner of the crate pad, which adds a little extra something to the design to set this pad apart from the rest.

While looks are important, they’re certainly not everything. A good looking crate pad for your dog isn’t going to count for much if your dog doesn’t love it every bit as much as you do.

Rest assured, the crate pad has everything you’re looking for. First, it’s very durable. The material is 100% polyester. While it’s not machine washable, its kept good as new with the occasional spot cleaning.

It’s also durable and won’t rip, tear, or fall apart anytime soon.

Beatrice Home Fashions also went the extra mile and included non-slip rubber pad on the bottom of the crate pad. Pet owners know more than anybody that this is essential, because dogs have a way of slipping and sliding everything around the house that isn’t tied down. The Crate Pad will stay put right where you want it.

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The pad is water resistant, which helps keep accidents from becoming potential disasters. If the worst happens, don’t panic. You can act fast and you save yourself the trouble of going out and buying a new pad.

Lastly, Beatrice Home Fashion Crate Pads are also available in two different sizes. The smaller of the two measures 24” x 18”, and the larger 36” x 23”. After all, you want a crate pad that’s going to fit the crate you have, not a pad that you have to buy a crate to fit.



You’d be hard pressed to find a more customizable crate pad out on the market. Beatrice Home Fashions has given you options in terms of size and color that will please just about everybody, dogs and humans alike.


The design is a simple one, but it provides enough support that it should keep all dogs comfortable in their crates, which is important for old dogs and dogs with chronic pain.



Spot cleaning the 100% material is very doable, and it will keep your pad clean and your dog happy. With that being said, the Beatrice Home Fashions Crate Pad is not machine washable, and that might be a problem for some.

If you have a dog that likes to make a mess, or else a puppy that might be accident prone, it might be worth finding a crate pad that is going to be 100% waterproof and machine washable. With that being said, be sure you don’t sacrifice too much comfort for convenience.


Beatrice Home Fashions provides excellent value here with their crate pad. The crate pad is incredibly customizable in terms of both size and color. It’ll fit right into any crate, as well the design of any room in your home.

If you’re concerned about pulling the trigger and getting your own bed, you should know that you can always request a manufacturer’s warranty from customer service. There’s no reason not to, so pick up your Beatrice Home Fashions Crate pad from Amazon today and get it shipped right to your front door.

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