When considering getting a dog, one must know what type of area it needs to live in. For some dogs apartment life is a really good habitat for them. Bigger dogs might need a bigger place to live in but smaller dogs need less space to live in. This makes apartments seem reasonable choices for small breeds of dogs.


Yorkshire terriers will find apartment lives to be good. Yorkshire terriers are a small breed of dogs that have a non shedding feature. Yorkshire terriers which can be called yorkie for short have a silky, smooth and straight coat of hair that hangs elegantly on both sides of its body. Yorkies will find apartment lives to be good because they don’t need a lot of space which is a great advantage in having a yorkie as a pet. This pet will also need a lot of grooming to be done so it would be good to have grooming equipment in your apartment. Yorkies do bark alot so the result will probably be, the people next door coming and saying “your dog barks alot. Yorkies can be restrained. This pet will also have to be housetrained. If not, well you’ll get a mess on the carpet. These small little dogs don’t need that much exercise.


Toy or Miniature Poodles are also great dogs that can find the apartment life suitable. For some background information, poodles are dogs with wiry fur and they to have the non shedding feature. Poodles also have to be groomed daily and bathed as needed. Poodles find apartment life suitable because toy poodles are small dogs and don’t need that much space to live in. Same goes for the miniature poodle. Poodles do bark alot but like all dogs that bark a lot poodles can be restrained. Poodles are known to be one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. Since they are intelligent they can be trained to live in a really small place and prevented to do certain things you don’t want it to do. These dogs also don’t need that much exercise.


Note: Poodles can be hard to take care of if you don’t have time to groom it everyday or bathe it once in a while. Remember a poodle’s fur is its glory. This dog is still recommended.


The small Maltese can also be a really great choice when choosing a suitable dog for the apartment life. For some information, the Maltese is a small little dog with the non shedding feature. This dog is really small which makes it a good choice when choosing a dog for the apartment life. The Maltese also has to be house trained. The Maltese also barks a lot but it can be restrained. The Maltese is a playful little dog that is always happy to be with its owner. These dogs are excellent choices for the apartment life. These dogs also don’t need that much exercise.


Note: If you have small children then the Maltese would be a good choice if you are supervising because the little breed of dog might think that the kid is a dog as well. Then something bad can happen but if the dog is trained and stuff then it is ok.


The Pomeranian can be great choice of dog for the apartment life. This dog is a small little dog, which comes in a variety of colors. The Pomeranian sheds quite a bit but if you look at its face, then you will see why it is so tempting to get a Pomeranian. This dog also makes an excellent guard/watch dog because it barks a lot. Even though this guard/watch dog ability is not needed, this dog is a reasonable choice. If it really does bark a lot, it can be restrained. This dog will be good around children, if raised with them.


The Pomeranian looks astonishing and whoever sees it will probably praise it. Look at a picture of it and you’ll see why I guarantee it will get praised by people around you. These dogs need little exercise so they won’t have to be taken outside a lot.


Note: That is the reason this dog makes the big dogs look bad. Big dogs need a lot of exercise so they would have to be taken out more often. Sometimes the owner can’t provide that much time to a dog.


These four dogs are, in my opinion, the most best to have in an apartment but if you can’t find these get another small breed of dog. Some big dogs can be reasonable choices but mostly small dogs will prevail.