Best Elevated Dog Bowl for Large Dogs

The Best Elevated Dog Bowl for Large Dogs

What’s an elevated dog bowl and why do you need one?

An elevated dog bowl is a pet feeder that is elevated off the ground. Most models will elevate the dog bowl 3 – 10 inches off of the ground. These elevated dog bowls are designed to promote digestive health and make meal time much more comfortable for your dogs.

When your dog eats out of a normal bowl, they have to arch their neck downwards into an unnatural eating position. This can cause the dog to not chew their food all the way or have the food accidentally get stuck in their throat! This is especially true for your large dog!

Smaller dogs only have to bend down a few inches, at most, in order to reach their normal dog bowls. Large dog breeds have to bend down an upwards of 20 or more inches!

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This is why elevated dog food bowls for large dogs were created!

Elevated food bowls for dogs were made to relieve your dog from the unnatural eating posture that most dog bowls cause. By having the dog bowl be a few inches off the ground, your dog is able to eat happily and comfortably, with a much lessened risk of choking!

There are several elevated dog feeders out on the market, but there’s only one that stands head and shoulders above the rest!

The PetFusion Elevated Pet Feeder!PetFusion Elevated Pet Feeder Best Elevated Dog Bowl for Large Dogs

The best elevated dog bowl for large dogs is the PetFusion Elevated Pet Feeder. The PetFusion Elevated Pet Feeder combines everything that your dog needs from an elevated dog feeder.

Starting with the sleek design, which is constructed from beautiful New Zealand pine wood to the 3 coats of water resistant sealer, you’re going to be very satisfied with the aesthetics of this elevated dog bowl.

This really is one beautiful wooden elevated dog bowl!

The dog bowls themselves are crafted from stainless steel and clean very easily. The elevated dog bowl stand is even equipped with little insets that prevent the elevated dog and water bowls from slipping around! This prevents a lot of unnecessary cleaning!

If you want to take cleanup prevention a step further, PetFusion makes an accompanying large pet food mat! This will further stabilize the elevated dog bowl stand and makes cleanup a breeze!

The PetFusion Elevated Pet Feeder comes in 2 sizes – a short 4” version and a tall 8” version.

If you’re in the market for an elevated dog bowl for a large dog, then you’re going to want to go with the tall 8” version. We also recommend going with this option even if your dog is just a small puppy but will grow! In the meantime you can simply take out the bowls and put them on the floor until they’ve grown taller (which we all know happens super quickly!)

The short version of the elevated pet feeder comes with 3 bowls – 2 short bowls and 1 cat dish. The tall version of the feeder comes with 2 bowls.

ConclusionPetFusion Elevated Pet Feeder Best Elevated Dog Bowl for Large Dogs

Your large dog is going to greatly benefit from having an elevated dog bowl. Not only will feeding time be much more pleasurable for them, but they’re also going to be eating in a much safer, healthier way.

The PetFusion Elevated Pet Feeder is by far the best elevated dog bowl for large dogs – and small dogs too! It’s truly an exceptional product that all of your pets will love to eat from.

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    Heather July 8, 2016 at 10:43 am

    Wow – Thank you so much for these suggestions! I’m going to go out and buy an elevated bowl this afternoon! I had no clue that my dog’s current bowl could be hurting him.

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