Best Holiday Gift Guide for Puppies – Christmas 2018

There’s nothing more exciting in the world for kids than the holiday season. Waiting for gifts, decorating, it’s all magical from start to finish. Having a puppy can be a lot like having a kid in that they’re curious and you want nothing more than to make them happy.

This holiday season you can count on making this year every bit as exciting for your puppies as it was for you as a kid. Here’s a list of a few ideas that can help!


MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate Life Stages 36' Double Door Folding...
  • Newly enhanced with added security features to keep your pet safe | Slide-bolt door...
  • Life Stages double door dog crate measures 35.63 in x 24.45 in x 21.93 in and is suitable...
  • Dog crate includes a divider panel, durable & leak-proof plastic pan, protective rubber...

A puppy needs a home, and I don’t just mean your home. They need a safe place they can get away to when the world become s a little too much. You always need a safe place to keep your new puppy when you’re out of the house, because destruction comes in small packages when it comes to puppies.

The MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate is the perfect solution for the holidays. It’s a safe, secure crate that your dog will be happy to call home. The crate is made of high-quality steel, so you can count on finding your puppy right where you left them.

Best of all, the MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate is portable, so you can pack it up and bring the crate anywhere you and your puppy want to go!

It’s also our pick for the best dog crate for sale today!

Pick Up Your Crate

Speaking of portable, you can get the MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate shipped right to your front door through Amazon. Order now so you can be sure you get your crate in time to make this holiday special for your puppy!


Go Pet Club Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Bed

Go Pet Club Solid Memory Foam Orthopedic Pet Bed with Waterproof...
  • Size : 36"W x 28"L x 4"H Color : Chocolate
  • Two layers of protective surfaces: Waterproof cover and Suede zippered covers come with...
  • Great for pets with arthritis or joint and muscle problems Made out of 100% memory foam,...

Puppies always want to be where you are, and usually that’s not a problem… except when you’re trying to train them to stay off the couch. You’re no longer resigned to having fur on your furniture for years to come, however thanks to the Go Pet Club Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Bed.

The Pet Bed uses memory foam that is both soft and provides support for your puppy’s growing bones. It’s not only the memory foam that’s comfortable, however. The cover is suede, which means that it’s incredibly soft and non-allergenic, too!

The memory foam is also tough and holds it shape, so you can count on the fact that the Go Pet Club Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Bed is the gift that keeps on giving.

It’s also our pick for the best dog bed for sale today!

Getting Your Bed

The holiday season is fast approaching and as it does your To Do List is sure to get longer. Don’t panic, you can get your Dog Bed shipped right to you worry free thanks to Amazon. Be sure to order now so you can get it for the holidays!



MidWest Exercise Pen

MidWest Homes For Pets Foldable Metal Dog Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen,...
  • Each panel measures 24"W x 30"H, Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen folds flat for convenient...
  • Exercise Pen provides 16 square feet enclosed area (1.5 meters) for your dog and other...
  • Includes 4 ground anchors for outdoor use and 4 thumb-snaps for easy assembly; Easliy...

The world outside is a big, exciting place for a puppy, and the freedom to enjoy the outdoors and get a little bit of exercise is the best gift you can get a puppy. The problem is that with puppies you have to be concerned about safety.

Thanks to the MidWest Exercise pen you can get your puppy exercising outside and have peace of mind.

The MidWest Exercise Pen is perfect provides your puppy with 16 square feet to enjoy and the 8 anchors provided with the pen will keep the pen secure.

Best of all it’s easy to set up, so you can put it anywhere and since puppies are always on the go that’s good news and it means you can bring your pen right along with you wherever the adventure you have with your puppy takes you.

It’s also our pick for the best dog playpen for sale today!

Getting Your Exercise Pen

Your puppy has to let off some steam this holiday season, too, so get you Exercise Pen today. Order it right off of Amazon and they’ll ship it right to your front door.


Lobeve Dog Toys 10 Pack Gift Set, Variety Pet Dogs Toy Set for Medium to Small Doggie

Lobeve Dog Toys Gift Set,Variety No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toy and...
  • Contains Assorted 10 Dog Toys(Interactive Toys,Squeaky Toys,Spinose Loop Toy,Ropes...
  • Satisfying Dogs' Instinctual Needs and Strengthening the Bond Between Dog and...
  • NON TOXIC Cotton CLEANS TEETH and MASSAGES GUMS Great Gifts for any Breed of Small to...

Puppies tend to go through toys like humans go through potato chips. The truth is that when your teeth are just coming in you need to chew, and chewing means you‘re going to have to provide things to chew so your puppy doesn’t go after the furniture.

Thanks to the Lobeve Dog Toys 10 Pack Gift Set you can count on always having a toy to keep your new puppy occupied. The Gift Set comes with 10 distinct toys that are perfect for fetch, tug of war, and just about any other game you can think to play with your dog.

One gift is great, but ten in one gift is sure to make this a holiday worth remembering for you puppy.

Order Your Gift Set

Having your puppy write to Santa isn’t going to help, but the good news is that you can get your toys shipped right to you just like Saint Nick would. Hop on Amazon and order yours today!


KONG Classic KONG Dog Toy

KONG Classic Stuffable Dog Toy - Fetch & Chew Toy for Dogs -...
  • Satisfy Instinctual Needs: The KONG Classic red rubber toy helps satisfy dogs' instinctual...
  • Enticing Chew Toy for Dogs: This unique toy has an erratic and unpredictable bounce,...
  • Treat-Filling Capabilities: The hollow interior allows for stuffing with kibble, peanut...

The classics are classics for a reason and that’s the truth with dogs toys just as it is with music or anything else. There is perhaps no older and more loved dog toy than the Classic Kong Toy, except for maybe a good old stick…

This holiday season introduce your puppy to the most beloved dog toy of all. The Classic Kong is hard rubber, so it can survive chewing, even when your puppy is teething.

You can also be sure to keep your puppy interested even with a short attention span thanks to the fact that you can hide treats right in the kong. The Classic Kong Dog Toy truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Tracking Down Your Kong

Getting a Kong has never been easier. You don’t even have to make a trip to the pet store. Just hop right onto Amazon where you can order your Kong Right to your front door!


Nylabone Just For Puppies Ring Bone Puppy Dog Teething Chew Toy

Nylabone Puppy Power Rings Chew Toy - Tough and Durable Puppy Chew Toy...
  • SATISFIES POWER-CHEWING PUPPIES – This long lasting nylon chew toy is intended for...
  • ENTERTAINING SHAPES – Fun puppy chew rings keep dogs happy and busy
  • FOR TEETHING AND CHEWING – Designed just for puppies, this chew toy teaches healthy,...

There are a few tough parts about owning puppies. There’s house training, keeping them off the furniture, and – of course – teething. There’s not much to be done about the house training, but you can do something to help with the teething this holiday season.

The Nylabone Just For Puppies Ring Bone Puppy Dog Teething Chew Toy is the perfect outlet for your puppy’s chewing, and it’s sure to keep them happy and healthy.

While your puppy chews the toy will clean their teeth of plaque, tartar, and other things could potentially cause health problems down the word.

Get Your Teething Toy

Spare your furniture and order your Dog Teething Chew Toy today. You can get it right on Amazon, so there’s no reason not to!


KONG Cozie Dog Squeaky Toy

KONG Cozie Marvin Moose, Indoor Cuddle Squeaky Plush Dog Toy for...
  • Minimal filling for minimal mess
  • Extra layer of material to increase strength
  • Squeak to help entice play

Puppies need play, and you can’t always be there to help. Luckily there’s the Kong Cozie God Squeaky Toy to keep them company at all times.

The Squeaky Toy comes in ten different fun characters, all of which squeak, come in fun colors, and are sure to keep your dog having fun week after week.

The reality is that puppies also like to tear toys up, and that’s why the KONG Cozie Dog Squeaky Toy comes with limited stuffing. It’s a gift for your puppy and a gift for you thanks to the fact that you won’t spend all day picking stuffing from your carpet.

Pick Up Squeaky Toy

Holidays are fast approaching so you should act fast and order your Squeaky Toy right off Amazon. Amazon will ship right to your front door to help make the first holiday season with your puppy a special one.


Wrapping Up

This year be sure to make your puppy’s first holiday season a special one. These ideas are a great way to do just that, whether you’re looking for something small or big for your puppy this holiday season.

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