BINGPET Cat Dog Arch House Pet Bed Crate Igloo for Small Animal with Kennel Pad Review

Are you in search of an ideal hideaway for the fury friend of yours? There is no need to worry anymore. This is because now you can gift a great house for your dog.

This pet bed is the most comfortable accommodation for your pet who might be a bit reserved. If you too are one of them who have a dog who is a little bit reserved, then this is the one for you.

BINGPET Cat Dog Arch House Pet Bed Crate Igloo for Small Animal with Kennel Pad ReviewAbout the product

This house is suitable for both cats as well as for dogs. Not only that, it can also accommodate small animals. It can fit in small sized to medium sized dogs.

The pet bed comprises of durable along with light weight material. The material used is shu velveteen which is 100% polyester. It has been designed in the shape of a pyramid.

Uses of the product

Due to the pyramid structure, it comprises of an enclosed space. This enclosed space makes your cat completely safe and secured. The place is extremely cozy and is the perfect hideout for your pet.

Your pet is sure to not be cold as it comprises of a comfortable blanket which is inserted inside. This can be easily removed for cleaning. Thus this can be maintained easily and does not need any hassle to maintain.

It can be washed using machine. By gently washing the pet bed, it separates the dirt. There is no requirement to use bleach.

However, it must be noted that it is beneficial for small animals. The bed is small and cozy, thus accommodating small animals.

It is shaped like an igloo which has a removable door. According to your convenience, you might shut the bed or even keep it open. The material is of the highest quality as he cannot see where it has been clawed in the igloo.

The presence of anti-slip bottom helps in repelling dust or dirt. Usually, dogs love to stay inside a place which is shaped like a kennel. Hence, this is a heaven for your pets.

BINGPET Cat Bed Dog Arch House Pet Igloo for Small Animal with Pad 17"...
  • Size: 17"L x 13"W x 12"H, perfect house for dog cat or small animals.
  • Made of durable, flexible and light-weight shu velveteen material, 100% polyester.
  • Steady pyramid structure, enclosed space will make your cat feel safe and cozy.Suitable...

This is applicable for ferret, parrot, kitten, puppy or any other small animal. There are three colors available of the igloo which is brown, cream and pink. Thus, you can choose the color that suits your preference and choice.

There is no more any need to keep your pets at home while traveling somewhere. Now with the help of this igloo, you can easily carry around your pet from one place to the other. It is also extremely convenient to be carried.


This igloo is the perfect habitat for your pet. For times you wish to travel with your pets, this igloo is a savior. With the ultimate comfort and protection, it ensures safety and comfort to the pets. Get the lowest price today and place your order online at the earliest to grab exclusive deals and offers.