Bring a Dog in to Improve Your Work Day

famlHow many times have you come home to a happy, tail-wagging little friend just waiting for your attention? It just makes you feel good all over to see your little canine companion at the end of each day. It would be wonderful to be able to experience that kind of joy all day. Instead of everyone quitting their jobs to spend time at home with their dogs, dogs should be allowed to go to work with their owners.

Dogs have the ability to cheer up any room they are in. They are such delightful little creatures that warm the hearts of so many people. If dogs were able to come to work, the office environment would greatly improve. For one, petting and playing with a dog is a stress reliever. Another reason it would be a good idea for them to come to work is that owners won’t have to worry about their dog’s well being while at work which will allow them to be much more productive.

Probably the best reason dogs should be allowed to go to work with their owners is that they can be trained to perform small tasks. They are very intelligent animals and with a some training could fetch office supplies, carry notes between co-workers, protect the workers from office invasions and maybe even type up a report!

Dogs are very underrated when it comes to the workforce and it isn’t fair. More jobs should be open to accepting dogs as honest workers, or at least as a companion to take a well-deserved break with. It’s easy to see how so many dogs in one work place could be confusing and distracting but that’s only because current work situations have not been made to accommodate them. If the boss is allowed to bring in his/her pet every so often, other people should be too, if only for one day a month. Dogs are very important family members to some people and many people feel uncomfortable leaving them alone at home. If dogs were allowed to come to work more people would feel like they have enough time for a dog and more dogs would be adopted. Dogs should be allowed to go to work to improve their own lives, the lives of their owners, and those of their owners’ co-workers.

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