How to Brush a Shih Tzu Dog

Shih Tzu’s Have PLENTY of Hair to Brush!

Because they are known to have fur that must be regularly groomed, shih tzu dogs must learn as puppies to lay still while being groomed. Otherwise, there could be much frustration experienced by owners and dogs alike! When they are properly trained, grooming shih tzu dogs can be an enjoyable task.

You will need…

Pin brush
Medium-toothed comb
Fine-toothed face comb
Slicker brush

Step 1: Using The Pin Brush

With your shih tzu dog laying on her side, begin brushing her hair using the pin brush, working with the direction of the growth of the fur. Use long, directional strokes, rather than short, jerking movements, which could cause damage to a shih tzu’s hair. Use the pin brush to remove any mats or knots in the dog’s fur.

Step 2: Using The Comb

Comb the shih tzu with the medium-toothed comb, following the same directions given in step one. Work particularly carefully around any knots or mats that may remain in the dog’s fur. If you find some of these, use the pin brush to remove them.

Step 3: Combing The Face

Carefully comb the fur around the shih tzu’s face using the fine-toothed face comb. Gently use the comb to remove any food particles from the dog’s fur. In addition to food particles, you may find that your shih tzu’s face becomes stained with dirt, mud, and other mysterious items. All of these should be wiped away.

Step 4: Using The Slicker Brush

Brush the shih tzu with the slicker brush, to complete the grooming process. If desired, use a comb to separate the fur down the dog’s back to create a part.

Finally, complete your shih tzu’s look with a perfectly placed bow. If it is chilly out, why not dress her with a comfy sweater? Your shih tzu will get attention everywhere she goes (as if she doesn’t already!)

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