How Can an Orthopedic Dog Bed Save Your Dog’s Life?

How Can an Orthopedic Dog Bed Save Your Dog’s Life?

Just like human beings, dogs want to get a good night’s sleep. With most mammals, certain hormones are released by the body during sleep. These hormones are important for optimal tissue repair, mental health, and overall health and well being. If you don’t get enough sleep, not only would you have less energy in the morning, but you’re probably going to be cranky and you’re not going to be as focused and productive. The same applies to your dog. It’s really important to ensure that your dog gets enough sleep because they can sleep up to 14 hours a day. That’s how important sleep is to our canine companion, and if they sleep the wrong way, it can cause future health issues.

What can go wrong? Well, dog’s joints can develop problems, dogs can also be prone to slipped discs and other painful bone conditions. Indeed, a lot of the common musculoskeletal ailments dogs develop in old age can be traced to unhealthy sleeping surfaces. Keep in mind that it’s the surface that’s an issue, not the position the dog prefers to sleep in.

There are many cute videos of dogs on the internet where they sleep like humans – flat on their backs. Other dogs sleep lying face down. Others prefer to sleep on their sides. Regardless of how they choose to sleep, it’s not the position that matters as far as their optimal bone and muscular health go. It’s the surface that they choose to sleep on.

It’s really important to pay attention to this fact and consider buying the right kind of surface. I am, of course, talking about an orthopedic dog bed. By investing in the right sleeping surface, you can help prevent some health issues your dog might develop as it grows older. Sleeping on the floor or sleeping on a flat dog bed can actually be quite harmful to your dog. These surfaces put unnecessary stress and pressure on a dog’s joints. This pressure can create joint stress that can worsen over the years

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Also, skeletal and muscle issues are quite tricky because they don’t really show up when a dog is quite young. They don’t show up in the early years, and they tend to build up over time. In many cases, symptoms only manifest themselves only when it’s too late. If you don’t want to be put in the very difficult and heartbreaking position of having to choose between expensive surgery that may still leave your furry friend in pain most of the time, or putting your pet to sleep, then listen up.

By simply investing in the right sleeping surface, you can ensure that your pet doesn’t suffer from unhealthy pressure on its joints, muscles and bones. Orthopedic dog beds are made from specialized foam which help evenly distribute your dog’s weight. As your dog sleeps, an orthopedic dog bed will ensure that your dog’s weight is evenly distributed and there are no unhealthy pressure points on your dog’s muscular or skeletal mass. Please understand that if your dog develops muscular or bone problems in the future, it’s not only painful for your dog, it’s also financially painful for you as well. Doggie surgeries don’t come cheap. Do yourself a big favor and eliminate problems before they appear.

Invest in a properly designed orthopedic bed and increase the likelihood that your dog can avoid unnecessary muscular and bone degeneration and other diseases in the future. This nifty device should be mandatory equipment in every dog crate or playpen. Consider yourself warned. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars in the future on painful and often, ultimately, useless surgery for your pet, invest in the right orthopedic dog bed.

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