How Can The Right Dog Playpen Help You Prevent Your Dog From Developing Separation Anxiety?

How Can The Right Dog Playpen Help You Prevent Your Dog From Developing Separation Anxiety?

One of the challenges of being a dog parent is the fact that canine companions don’t want to be left alone. This tendency is hardwired to their DNA. This is a part and parcel of what makes dogs dogs. If you’ve ever noticed how excited your pet becomes the moment you get home, this is all due to the fact that they can’t stand being without you. The moment they smell you scent, it triggers a series of neuron explosions in your pet’s brain. The moment they smell you, even if you’re just approaching the driveway of your home, it sets off a cascade of feeling of comfort, care, and yes, love in your dog’s brain.

Not surprisingly, our dogs don’t want to be separated from us. They don’t want to be left alone. This is going to be a challenge for you because as fun as it is to hang out with your pet and kickback at home, you have to other things to do. Just like with any typical responsible adult, you have to take care of duties that can take you away from home. The most obvious of course, is your work.

While it’s easy to think that you just have to do what you need to do, it’s hard what you have to go and leave home for several hours in a typical day. This is going to be quite hard on your dog. In fact, depending on the breed of your pet, it can be particularly harsh on them. Some breeds are known for particularly severe separation anxiety. On top of this, you have to also consider the specific personality of your pet. Some pets are simply very, very attached to their owners.

What do you do in this situation? I know it’s probably breaking your heart to read this, you might even feel a little bit guilty. Don’t be guilty. The good news is the solution is actually quite simple: a heavy duty dog playpen. As they always say, prevention is always better than cure. Your best approach to combating separation anxiety is to ensure that it doesn’t develop on the first place.

By committing to training your furry friends while they’re still young to avoid developing separation anxiety, you make things all that much easier for both yourself, and your canine companions. A heavy duty playpen can help you ensure that your dog doesn’t develop separation anxiety. In the case that it does, this handy piece of pet home furnishing can help nip any separation anxiety issues in the butt. You have to resolve to take care of this issue before it even develops.

When bringing home a new dog or puppy, spend a couple of days with him of her first. Stay close to your pet. Allow your pet to develop enough familiarity with you. Next, confine your pet in an area that is restricted by a heavy duty playpen. Having this piece of equipment in place will do you wonders because it lets you designate certain areas of your living space for your pet’s company.

Your pet quickly discovers that this confined area is his or her space. When you leave the space and you are in another area, your pet becomes aware of your transition from his or her safe and comfortable space, and other allowed areas in your home. By having this predictably and well designated area established, as far as your pet’s understanding goes, you make it much easier for your pet to remain calm when you step away from this enclosed area.

Avoid abrupt breaks

The secret to all of this is to make the transition as smooth as possible. Occasionally step away from the confined area only if your dog remains calm. By doing this slowly and gradually, your dog won’t get stressed out when you’re no longer in the designated area he or she is in. With enough repetition and regularity, even if you were to quickly step away from your dog’s “safe area,” your dog won’t freak out.

At that point, you know you have successfully prevented your dog from developing separation anxiety. Always remember to keep your furry friend rewarded if they stay clam in the area. It’s really important to give them a proper amount of time to adjust. You can’t do this abruptly you can’t surprise your dog.

Eventually, by smoothly and slowly minimizing your presence, you make your dog understand that you sometimes need to get out of the house to take care of things. They get used to that possibility and they don’t develop anxiety when you’re gone.

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