Charlie and Tahlula: Two Dogs Together Again!

After having to put down our faithful friend Dozer, there was a hole in our hearts and silence in our home. I happened to be looking at an out of town newspaper and spotted an ad, “Old English Sheepdog Rescue society: 1 male/1 female both 2 1/2 years old, in need of good home.” I immediately called my grieving husband, Carl, to see if he was ready to consider adding another dog to the family.

I left a voice mail for him at work, asking him to call to find out why they were in rescue. An hour later, I received a response stating he was going to “look” at the female- the male had been placed. That evening, I was introduced to a skinny, shaved white and gray dog named “Tahlula”. Carl explained that the original owner had died of cancer, and her husband could not keep the dogs. Charlie, the male, was adopted by another family and she was alone in the kennel, and he just couldn’t leave her there. Lula, as we call her, was sweet, gentle and well behaved. She was shy and quiet the first week.

We were so taken with Lula, that Carl called to thank the Rescue placement specialist. As fate would have it, Charile had just been returned by a very frustrated wife, who’s retired husband did not walk or play with him as promised. Carl gave me one look, and we were on our way to meet Charlie, Lula in tow!

When we got there, Charlie came running out, again, shaved down, gray and white, but not at all shy! He and Lula seemed to recognize each other, and happily jumped in the back of our jeep. The Rescue placement specialist had tears in her eyes as she watched the brother and sister reunite, stating the deceased woman had one wish: that Charile and Lula would never be separated.

Almost two years later, our house is filled with laughter, the boom of two hundred -pound shaggy dogs, playing and running. They have brought such joy to all of us! There will never be another Dozer, and we remember her fondly, however, the addition of Charile and Lula to our family has been priceless! May their original mistress rest in peace, knowing that we will forever love and cherish them as she does!

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