Being a dog owner comes with a big responsibility, this is because pet dogs are just like human children since they have the have to be fed, bathed and have their yearly injections and to make sure that they will receive a happy and safe environment to dwell in. When you are taking care of your pet dog whether it is a small puppy, a middle-aged dog or an old dog, here are some elements that are required to make them feel more safe and satisfied under your care. One of the requirements is getting dog bedding for your pet.


All of the merchandised beds for dogs may be designed similarly to you but most of them don’t. In fact they differ with the size, age, environment and health of each dog, and these factors are an important element in choosing the most appropriate bedding for your dog.


There are certain tips to follow when you want to have ideal dog bedding. And so as not to make you wait any longer, here they are:


The kind of cloth or fabric
One of the most famous fabrics is canvas which is to be made use in bedding since the material is both soft to the touch and intangible so you would not be buying a replacement of it so soon.


How easy to care the bedding shall be
You should probably be finding a bed for a dog that comes with a removable cover since when it comes to washing the bed, all you have to hassle with is to get the cover then to put it into the wash. Easy as that, right? Another option in such is choosing a latex bed where you can just simply throw the bed in the wash and another pro is that it dries quickly. So convenient right?


If you’re an owner of an old dog, you may want to use an dog bed that is orthopedic since this will provide them some comfort and support. Also, some of these beds go with a heating system that is detachable, which will keep your dog cool during summer and provide warmth on winter.


For summer months, you can get a dog bed that will cool. These kinds of beds are fantastic because you can fill them, water of course, and the inside structure of this bed will lower the temperature of the water. Cooling has good effect on the health of a dog since it relaxes them, slowly helps treat any swelling. This will allow your pet to become limber, more agile and more playful.


If you’re a person who travels a lot and not to mention would let your pet tag along as well then a pet throw that is thermo-heated is ideally for your dog since it will offer the comfort of home while traveling. You can make it work while it is unplugged during summer and plugged during winter to give your pet some warmth during the cold days. It will help ward away homesickness while traveling with your pet and will secure those drafts and/or winds away.


Asides from all that here are the three essential rules that must be followed when measuring a bed for your beloved pet dog.


Get the measurements of your pet while it is lying down since it will usually be in this position when using the bed. In all due honesty, we think that while measuring your pet is laid down is the best way as well.


  • Use the weight of the pet
  • When doubting the weight, always get the larger size than the smaller one.

Measure your pet from the nose or snout to the back legs or rump and then add around nine to twelve inches.


Choose the best bed that will best suit the measurements, always remember that the circular bed measurements are in diameters.


With some judgment use weight, refer to the following:


Minute pets – weighs up to twenty five pounds (25 lbs.)
Average pets – weighs up to forty pounds (40 lbs.)
Large pets – weighs up to eighty-five pounds (85 lbs.)
Extra Large pets – weighs up to a hundred and forty pounds (140 lbs.)
XX Large pets – weighs up to a hundred seventy-five pounds (175 lbs.)


Our lovable pet dogs are man’s best friend and provide us with unconditional love as owners so it is also vital that you give back the love in exchange by giving them a loving and fit environment to dwell in.