You certainly hold the view that your dog’s well-being is a top priority. And you would not disagree that you would like to save money on the vet bills. Contrary to the popular belief, just any dog food will not do, people often neglect the importance of choosing the best food for their dog. Thus, choosing best dog food should be one of your top priorities as a dog owner.

It is a absolute must that a healthy dog must be provided with fresh water and quality food at all times. Despite the common erroneous belief, all brands of dog food are not created equal, just any dog food won’t do.

When picking the best dog food, it is essential to check the ingredients on the package.

A very helpful term in determining whether a certain dog food meets the high quality criteria, is ‘human grade’. What ‘human grade’ means, is that the meat in it is also suitable for humans. Most of the foods available out there are not ‘human grade’.

Choosing between big dog food brands can be a difficult task, as they often seem reputable and thus trustworthy. In this case, a good indicator whether you are dealing with quality food or not, is whether the ingredients are thoroughly explained on the packaging.

Never buy store-food that does not have any nutritional information on it, it could prove harmful for your dog.

Many dog foods are stuffed with corn meal, corn gluten meal and such to keep down the expenses of production. These ingredients are not healthy at all for your dog. The main ingredients should be meat-based proteins, vegetables and whole grains.

Foods rich in above mentioned “bad” ingredients can lead to serious digestive issues. Premium dog foods that are rich in meat-proteins, whole grains and vegetables may be more expensive, but will be cheaper in the long run, before all the expensive medicine and operations when your dog’s health takes a turn for the worse.

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Types of dog food

There is a multitude of dog foods to choose from and at times this can be quite overwhelming. But a good way to choose a proper food for you dog would be to choose foods with light green or other soft colors, as these foods are less likely to contain preservatives.

Another option would be to replace the store-bought and specially designed dog food with raw food. The dog will certainly prefer it over the store-bought alternative and it will be a lot safer for it’s health. The only negative aspect is the difference in budget, but a true dog-lover can put up with it

All Natural Best Dog Food

A even better alternative to raw dog food is all natural dog food. What this means, is that all of the ingredients of all natural dog foods are completely digestible, meaning that their nutritional value is 100%.

This type of dog foods usually contain chicken, egg and fish proteins, which are rarely found in other store-bought brands. The only negative aspect of this types of foods is that they expire very quickly, as they contain no preservatives whatsoever, thus you cannot buy it in bulk and save money.

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