How to Choose a Name for Your Dog

Dogs are like family. It is a part of our daily living that it has been considered more than just a pet. This is why it is very fitting and proper to name it appropriately. Giving them names must not only be an ordinary undertaking. Brainstorming is also necessary. Though pet naming doesn’t follow specific rules, you must think about your choices so as to assure than given names won’t disrespect certain cultures and norms. Here are a few tips:

Short but Sweet

Dogs are not intellectual beings like humans. Though it can understand simple commands, complex words are not easily memorized and comprehended. Thus, it is recommendable that you give a name that is short but appealing. This tip could also give you an added benefit in times of trouble; if you would want to call your dog for help, shouting its short name is easier. Make sure that the names are easy to pronounce so guests and other relatives would find it easy to make friends with it. Keep the name to a maximum of two syllables. Suggestions include: chip, whitey or barky.

Unity of Name

While it is thrilling to experiment on names, the continuous deed of such could only be confusing both for you and your dog. Maybe you would want to call your dog several names depending on your mood; however, limit this habit. Call it with the same name every time to promote strong inculcation of its real alias. Once you have developed your dog to appreciate its name, you would find it easier to call it and give commands.

Name names

If you are to give a name to your dog, give a real one. Avoid giving names than are associated with commands, dog stuff and the like. This is to prevent any confusion in the process. You would have a hard time teaching it tricks if its name itself is a trick in essence.

No Double Meanings

Finally, the most important tip is for you to make sure that the given name is not, in any way, linked to any negative meaning. You never know who you’re going to bump into while walking your dog. If you gave a name that has a negative meaning in any language, your foreign neighbors may give you a bad vibe. It is very important to double check any name so as to avoid any trouble.

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