Easily Clean Fleas From Your Dog Crate – Here’s How!

“I love when my dog gets fleas!” – said no one ever.

When your dog gets fleas, no one wins. A few fleas suddenly turns into 100. Next thing you know, there are fleas all over your home – in the living room, in the kitchen, in your bed, in your hair! They multiply like jack rabbits. It pains you to see your dog covered in fleas, so you do something about it! You treat them with Nexgard, you diligently clean every inch of your home, and in a few days, the fleas are all gone! Or are they? Ask yourself: Did you clean fleas from your dog crate?

Most dog owner’s would answer NO!

One common area that dog owners forget to clean is their dog’s crate. Your dog’s crate is the most important place that you need to clean when trying to rid your home of fleas. This is why we advocate you get a dog crate that’s easy to clean! Make sure that you remove any bedding from your dog’s crate and wash it with a pet-safe detergent. (Side note: make sure you always keep your detergent consistent. Dog’s skin is sensitive to changes in detergent).

While the bedding is in the wash, you should thoroughly scrub your dog’s crate with a pet-safe cleaning solution. We usually use pet-safe soap and hot water followed by Nature’s Miracle. Doing this thoroughly a couple of times has gotten rid of any fleas that we have ever had in our dog crate. There are other treatments, such as flea fogging, but those tend to be very costly and time consuming.

Make sure you do a thorough job!

Ultimately, it’s very easy to clean your dog’s crate when it has fleas. The biggest thing is to remember to actually clean it and use dog-safe products when doing so. In addition, make sure that you’re washing your dog’s bedding and any toys that they use. It’s much easier to prevent fleas from invading your home than it is to get rid of them! However, prevention isn’t always possible.

So if your dog does get fleas, remember to clean fleas from your dog crate!

Oh, one other thing. After cleaning your dog’s crate, they may not recognize their crate because it no longer smells like them. You may have to re-crate train your dog a couple of times! Click here for some tips on crate training your dog!

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