Cooking Meals for Your Dog

We never really know what we are feeding our dogs when we open up a bag or can of dog food. Many people learned this the most difficult way after their dogs were poisoned by dog food that was imported from China. So why not take a few minutes out of your day to prepare a healthy meal for your dog with food that will not be harmful.

Protein Meal Ideas

Whether you want to give your dog a healthy treat or make your dog dinner every day just like you do for you and your family, here are some meal ideas for your dog. Lean meats like boiled skinless chicken breast, salmon and sirloin steak are healthy protein choices that your dog will love. You do not want to feed your dog fatty meats such as cheap fatty hamburger because it will cause a dog to gain too much weight and will eventually lead to blocked arteries in the dog’s heart the same way it affects people. You will also want to avoid giving your dog turkey because it can make dogs sick.

Vegetable Meal Ideas

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Dogs need vegetables in their diets just like people do. Try feeding your dog healthy vegetables such as steamed carrots, broccoli and green beans along with a serving of protein with each meal. Onions are poisonous to dogs so never include them in dog’s meal.

Grain Meal Ideas

Rice is found in many dry dog foods and is a healthy grain choice for dogs. Brown Rice is healthy than white rice but white rice can help stop diarrhea when your dog is sick. If your dog will not eat plain rice you can mix it with cooked lean, 96/4 percent fat, ground beef or cut up chicken breast, salmon or steak. Plain oatmeal and barley are other grains that are good to your dog’s diet.

While you are preparing meals for your dog and finding out what it likes and what it does not like remember to never feed your dog grapes, raisin and chocolate because they are poisonous to dogs. So be careful about what you are feeding your dog but do not be afraid to make it homemade meals. Many dogs would still be alive today if their owners would have made them homemade meals instead opening up a bag of poisonous store bought dog food from China and feeding it to them.

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