Crate Training Your Puppy – How? Why?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Crate training your puppy is very beneficial to both the puppy and yourself. It may seem mean and unnatural to lock your puppy in a crate, but it actually is natural for them. By nature, dogs are den creatures. This means that they prefer closed, confined spaces, in which they can easily guard their home and family. Their crate also serves as their safe space! After your puppy has been crate trained, you’ll notice that your puppy will eagerly go into their crate whenever they are frightened. Our dogs always run to their crates when there is thunder and lightning! Everyone should crate train their dog!

Okay! So now that we have briefly explained why puppy crating isn’t so bad after all, what are the benefits of crate training your puppy? Glad you asked!

Now you’re probably wondering how to crate train your puppy. Well, there’s no one more qualified to explain that than Cesar Millan!


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