Crate Training Calms Your Puppy

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Crate Training Calms Your DogYour puppy’s crate can also be used as a place to get your puppy to calm down. Puppies are full of seemingly endless amounts of energy and will always want your attention and to play. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that you have to cook dinner, clean the house, help the kids with homework, and other household duties. We wish we could play all day! If your puppy simply will not focus on any of the toys that you have purchased for them and continue to bother you to the point of frustration, putting your puppy in the crate can be very beneficial.

When you initially begin to put your puppy in the crate as a means of a pleasant time-out, your puppy may begin to whine for your attention. It’s very important that you ignore your puppy, especially if they are a young puppy! You do not want to enforce the behavior that whining will get your attention. Trust me, it’s very hard to break that habit as the dog gets older! Your puppy will eventually get tired and either go to sleep or chew on a toy that is in the crate. The more times you do this kind of time-out, the sooner your puppy will begin to calm down.

This type of time-out is good for both you and your puppy. It teaches your puppy that they will survive without having your attention 24/7 and it will allow you to get a much needed break! Remember, if you get frustrated with your puppy, you can simply put them in the crate for 15 minutes or so in order for you to become relaxed. It is perfectly okay to do this. Puppies are like toddlers. They have endless amounts of energy and always want attention. You need, and deserve, a break. Let your puppy calm down in their crate. Crate training calms your puppy!

A bonus perk of this is that they become super happy to see you when you finally let them out!

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