Crate Training Helps Potty Train

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Crate Training Helps Potty TrainThe main reason that people want to crate train their puppy is because crate training helps potty train your puppy! This can be a beneficial tool in teaching your puppy that they don’t need to go pee the every 15 minutes!

This is especially important when you first get your puppy or dog. They are not going to know when or where they are supposed to be going to the bathroom. By placing your puppy in the crate for a couple hours and then taking them outside immediately afterwards, you’re eliminating the chance that the puppy will go potty on that lovely ficus plant in the corner of your room! Since the puppy has been holding their bladder in their dog cage, they will need to go to the bathroom right away!

Use this as an opportunity to take them outside to the spot where you want them to do their business. Reinforce with a high quality dog treat afterwards! Do this for a couple of days and your puppy will get the hang of things. Regulating your puppy’s water intake can also help! Make sure you get them the proper sized crate!

Here’s a great video on how crate training helps potty train!

When you’re done watching, make sure to read our easy crate training tips for puppies and older dogs!


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