Dachshund Training – 7 Essential Things

Despite being a clever, gorgeous breed of dog and one of the 10 most popular breed types in the USA, Dachshunds can unfortunately be quite difficult to train. To help you overcome this, we have put together 7 extremely helpful tips that will make your Dachshund Training far easier and more successful.

Positive Reinforcement

An essential component of Dachshund Training is the concept of positive reinforcement. Dachshunds are very independent dogs and don’t respond well to criticism or rows. If you are too negative with your Dachshund then it can become aggressive.

To succeed in training them to behave well it is better to positively reward them for doing what you want, rather than criticizing them for behaving wrongly. Rewarding good behaviors with a pat or a small treat and building them into life-long patterns is definitely the best way to go with Dachshunds.

Try using the Mirror Method!

Start Dachshund Training As Early As Possible

This principle can be applied to the training of almost all dog types and it is especially true in the case of Dachshund Training. It is vitally important that good behavior patterns are laid done as early as possible and so you should start as soon as you get your pup home.

Commencing training of your Dachshund at about 8 weeks of age is a good target to aim for to get them off to the best possible start.

Give Your Dachshund Lots Of Exercise

Dachshunds are, in essence, hunting dogs even though we now keep them as family pets. That is the main purpose they were originally bred for. As such, they are full of energy and have a desire to run.

If you want a well-behaved and happy Dachshund then it is essential you give them enough exercise from a young age. If you don’t, then they will have too much pent-up energy which will, from time to time, boil over in the form of aggression and disobedience.

The solution to this is to make a simple commitment to giving your Dachshund the exercise it needs on a daily basis, usually in the form of long walks.

Don’t Leave Them Alone Too Often

Dachshunds are fiercely loyal to their owners and can become very attached. As such, especially during the key early months of their training, try not to leave them on their own too much.

They can suffer from separation anxiety which causes stress and is very harmful to their development. As they grow older you will be able to extend the time they are left on their own however, in the beginning, you should aim to spend as much time with them as possible.

If you are not willing to put the time into this key component of Dachshund Training then maybe you should consider buying a different breed of puppy.

Develop A Process For Introducing Strangers

Unlike many other breeds of dogs which instantly warm towards strangers Dachshunds are quite different. They will often be unenthusiastic about meeting strangers, preferring to stay close to their owners.

They can also be a bit intolerant of children, especially if they are quite noisy. You need to tackle this “head on” and practice introducing your Dachshund to your friends and also to strangers in a positive manner which makes them feel at ease.

With gentle encouragement and re-assurance this should get better over time.

Make Training Fun Too

Yes, it is essential to teach your Dachshund the most important habits such as loo training and avoiding aggression, however, don’t forget to teach them some fun things too which can make the whole dog-owner experience truly magical for both the owner and the dog!

These include learning how to fetch the TV remote for you and learning how to wave goodbye with its paw to family and friends. A little bit of time spent on this aspect of training can deliver great fun and laughs for years to come.

Try rewarding them with interactive dog toys!

Love Your Dachshund Unconditionally

While it is true that Dachshunds are not the easiest dogs to train you must never let them sense you are frustrated with them. They are very sensitive and intelligent and are able to detect your feelings towards them and will act in accordance.

The key is to love them unconditionally to make them feel safe and happy. This will bring out the best in your dog throughout training and build a strong bond between the two of you.

You’re done!

In summary, these 7 tips will make your Dachshund Training go smoothly and successfully. They are a wonderful addition to any family and, by following these seven tips consistently, you will soon have them fully-trained which is when the fun really starts.

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