In Defense of the Small Dog: Loving a Lap Dog

I am the mother of a small dog; I say mother, because she is my heart and soul. I say small, because she is 10 pounds of personality and love. I have often heard others claim that small dogs are “useless” or not real dogs, which is completely untrue. I have five reasons why families and singles should consider the small dog.

  1. Size matters and it costs. The larger the dog the bigger bills (and other things) they create. This includes food, shots, necessities and medicines.
  2. Lap dogs may seem lazy, but it imagine it from their point of view; everything is bigger than them and they’re constantly trying to keep up; using double the energy in the process. And, a cuddle buddy is the best to have during long winters, hard break-ups, and during scary movies.
  3. Small dogs are excellent guards and doorbells. Whether it’s a plumber or prowler a small dog will let its master know someone is there. This also means that anyone at the door will be announced, properly.
  4. Small dogs are not necessarily yipper’s and yapper’s. Each dog is reflection of their master. If you allow your dog to bark non-stop, it will.
  5. Small dogs are more accessible. Children and adults are generally not as afraid of a small dog, which helps them make friends, go on adventures, and hide in purses.

Small dogs are still dogs; digging, sniffing, bacon finding, running, jumping, loyal, loving and glorious. They are awesome pets for families and singles alike, which is why I choose to defend them. So, don’t discount the dog or puppy just because it’s a small dog, give the little guy or gal a chance to steal your heart and become your best friend.

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