Dental Diseases in Dogs

Much like humans, dogs can also get many different dental diseases such as gingivitis caused by plaque build up. One of the most common symptoms of dental disease in a dog is bad breath or halitosis. Other symptoms can be food dropping from the mouth while eating, or a total refusal to eat due to pain in the dog’s mouth. If your dog cries out when their mouth is being touched, they are probably suffering from dog dental disease.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is the leading dental disease for dogs. Plaque buildup on the dog’s teeth is caused by the accumulation of bacteria. The plaque then turns into tartar buildup, which is the leading cause of dog dental issues. Once the build up has become severe it is referred to as gingivitis. By brushing your dogs teeth between veterinarian check ups, you can keep your dog’s mouth healthy and avoid dog gum disease. Once the build up becomes severe, dogs can loose teeth and even have a tooth become abscessed.

One of the best preventative methods to avoid dog dental disease, is to brush your dogs teeth. While it may a few sessions to get your dog comfortable with having his teeth brushed, the benefits are many. Pet toothpastes now come in different flavors that encourage your dog to want his teeth brushed, such as beef and chicken.

There are also many dog toys on the market that will prevent plaque buildup on the teeth by the dog simply chewing the toy such as Rawhide toys. Many types of dog food now have dental prevention built into the food.

Another preventative method is to spray your dogs gums and teeth twice weekly with Chlorhexidine gluconate oral spray. This will help keep bacteria from adhering to the dogs teeth and turning into plaque build up.

Endodontal Problems

Endodontal problems are when the structure of a dog’s tooth becomes damaged. This can be from the dog cracking a tooth or displacing a tooth. This can be extremely painful for the dog and requires veterinarian care to resolve.

Orthodontal Problems

Like humans, orthodontal problems are caused by teeth being crowded or misaligned. These types of issues are more common in small breed dogs and puppies. If a puppy has puppy teeth that do not fall out, they should be removed by a veterinarian to keep them from having further issues with their permanent teeth.

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