Dire Dog Dangers: Unlikely Household Items that are Dangerous for Your Dog

To pet owners, there is nothing more important than the health and happiness of your best friend. It’s a huge responsibility that encompasses a whole wide range of potential dangers that you have to safeguard against.

For one, you have to be sure that your dog is mentally healthy and you can do so by spending time with your dog, making sure they get enough exercise, and socializing them with other animals and people.

There’s also the physical health of your dog. You have to be sure their diet is a healthy one, and they’re not getting too many treats that can cause a whole wide range of problems. You have to insure they remain physically fit by providing ample opportunity for exercise and relief when necessary for their bones and joints.

It’s not only long term threats you have to look out for, however. There are very real threats to your dogs immediate health all around, and you have to be aware of them as a dog owner so you can spot them and prevent your dog from getting sick.

To help you be the best pet owner you can be we’ve compiled a list of some of the everyday dangers your dog might meet, and how to best avoid them. After all it’s important to have fun with your pet, but there’s no reason not to do so in a way that doesn’t put their health unnecessarily at risk.

Outdoor Dangers

There is always a certain amount of risk you take on outdoors, but it’s not just hygiene you should be looking out for. An outdoor crate can help keep them safe, but here are a few seemingly mundane things that pose a serious risk to your dog in the wrong circumstances:


Mice and other critters can be a real problem, but some means of preventing them pose worse dangers to your dog than the actual pest. If you have a dog it’s imperative that you dispose of unwanted pests in a way that doesn’t put their lives in danger.

Avoid rat poison and other similar means of pest control because they’ll be just as tantalizing for your dog as they are for the rats. Dogs and other pets can also be killed by eating animals that themselves have been killed by poison. It’s best to avoid this type of trap altogether.


If you live in a cold climate it’s essential you understand the very real danger presented by antifreeze. Anti-freeze is sweet and also happens to be deadly to humans and pets alike.

Even a very small amount is enough to kill your dog, and they very easilt are encouraged to drink it because of the flavor. It’s best to keep anti-freeze out of your dog’s reach, and better yet purchase anti-freeze made with  propylene glycol that, while still deadly, requires larger amounts to be harmful for your dog.


This is another danger to those living on cold climates with their dog. The salt used to melt ice is a risk for your dog. If you regularly go on long walks with your dog in winter than it’s a problem you should be familiar with.

The salt is incredibly irritating for your dogs paws and can cause them real discomfort. Worse yet, it can also be toxic if the dog tries to lick their paws clean. To help your dog avoid these troubles you can get them boots that will keep their paws safe on winter walks, so you both can enjoy the snow in peace.


It’s not only the outdoors that you have to be aware of. Household item within your home can also pose a serious risk to your dog’s health, even if you’re living in a small apartment. Here are just a few of the most common risks:


Chocolate is one of the most widely recognized dangers to dogs, but it is important that all dog owners understand the risks. Chocolate, especially high quality dark chocolates, can seriously compromise your dog’s health.

Under no circumstance should you share chocolate with your dog, and you should keep it out of their reach at all times.

Also be aware that dog allergies are a thing, and any foodstuff can be a potential risk for your dog.


Dogs love bones, but you should be careful about which ones you share with your dogs. Chicken bones are fragile and have a tendency to shatter into sharp pieces when chewed. IF a chicken bone shatters it can cut your dogs mouth, or worse still it could damage a dog internally if swallowed.

Do your due diligence and only share bones with your dog that don’t pose a health risk. Many bones out there do not, and in fact chewing on the right kind of bone can improve the health of your dog’s teeth.


Plants are a beautiful addition to your home, but dog owners should pick the plants that they buy with great care. Many types of plants are extremely toxic to dogs, including but not limited to lilies, azalea, mistletoe and philodendron.

Do a little research before you pick up a plant to be sure you can enjoy it with a little bit of peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re not putting your dog’s health at risk unnecessarily.


Many human medicines are obviously very dangerous for dogs. Generally speaking, dogs are smaller so even small doses of medications can be catastrophic. Store your medications away safely so there is no risk of an unfortunate accident posing a serious health risk to your dog.

Wrap Up

All dog owners know that dogs are resilient creatures, but that doesn’t mean humans don’t have a responsibility to see their environments are safe. With just a few precautions inside and outside your home, you can be sure that your dog is having fun and doing it a safe distance from the inconspicuous dangers all around you.