Every pet owner knows providing optimum comfort to your dog is the key to their happiness. Dogs want to feel loved and feel safe in their environment. This includes when and where they sleep. Many dog owners invest in dog beds to give their companion’s a good night’s rest. However, there is another alternative out on the market, perfect for keeping your dogs warm and cozy the whole night through: dog blankets.

Dog Blanket FAQ

1. What Are Dog Blankets?

Dog blankets are just what their name suggests: a blanket for your dog. This blanket, however, can be used as a place to rest during the night.

2. Why Should You Get Your Pet a Dog Blanket?

Your dog needs a comfortable place to sleep. Just like you need a bed to sleep in, your dog needs a supportive place to rest its head at night. Dog blankets are comfortable, malleable, and soft enough to send any dog to the Land of Dreams.

3. Are Dog Blankets Better Than Dog Beds?

Better is an objective term. Each dog is unique and may have their own preferences for one item over the other. Dog blankets do offer some unique perks that a dog bed cannot.

First, dog blankets can be moved with ease. Your dog has the ability to scrunch up or spread out the blanket in any way it sees fit. Dogs can choose to lie on top of it, snuggle in between it, or bury themselves beneath it. Dog blankets are also incredibly simple to maintain. Their design means they are simple to wash and keep clean, even after years of use. Plus, dog blankets can be shared. If you have multiple dogs in your home, a dog blanket could be the perfect way for your pups to stay warm and sleep well at night.

4. Where Can You Buy the Best Dog Blankets?

All the dog blankets featured on this list can be found on Amazon. We have provided you with direct links to each product so you can get the best blanket for your furry friend.

5. Are Dog Blankets Expensive?

Generally, no. Dog Blankets are typically pretty affordable, especially compared to certain dog beds. The main factor that will increase the budget of dog blankets is the material the blanket is made out of.

How We Reviewed

To make sure we selected the best of the best, we spent a great deal of time compiling our top ten list. Once we had picked our ten, we carefully reviewed each of the products based on their features, their materials, their style, and their comfort levels. We then examined all the products again to come up with a verdict on the best dog blanket.

Comparison Table

PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket

PAWZ Road Dog Blanket Soft Fleece Pet Blanket Washable Cat Blanket for...

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The PAWZ Road Pet Dog Blanket is an affordable option for pet owners on a budget. This blanket comes in three different sizes and three different colors, all with their own unique spotted pattern. It is made of double-sided polyester and will not wear out easily.

Comfort Levels

These blankets are a bit thin but are incredibly soft and warm for your dog to snuggle in.

Comsmart Pet Blanket

Comsmart Warm Paw Print Blanket/Bed Cover for Dogs and Cats

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The Comsmart Pet Blanket is an ideal choice for dog owners with multiple dogs or who are often on the move. You can get six of these fleece blankets covered in multi-color paw prints. The sizing, 24” x 28”, is ideal for puppies and small dogs. They are comfortable, affordable, and warm.

Comfort Levels

The great thing about these blankets is that they come in a pack of six. While they are a bit thin, if you give your dog a couple, they can have a boost of extra padding to keep them cozy at night.

Bone Dry DII Microfiber Pet Blanket for Dogs

Bone Dry Embossed Bone Print Pet Blanket, 36x48', Taupe

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The Bone Dry Dll Microfiber Pet Blanket for Dogs is an adorable way to give your dog the comfort they crave. This blanket, which comes in a variety of colors, has a stylish dog bone pattern on it that will look great in your home. It has refined stitching to create a long-lasting product for your dog and is lightweight enough to be carried around by even the tiniest of puppies.

Comfort Levels

This dog blanket is made of polyester microfiber. It is super soft, has a decent amount of plush and is easy to carry.

Mambe 100% Waterproof Pet Blanket

100% Waterproof Mambe Pet Blanket (Large 58'x 84', Chocolate)

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For those able to spend a little bit more, you have to check out the Mambe 100% Waterproof Pet Blanket. This blanket is available in two different sizes and five different colors. It is made in America with premium fleece materials for your dog’s comfort. What makes this blanket so unique and worth the extra cash is that it is waterproof. This means it is safe from drool, licking, and accidents. You can be confident that it will withstand the wear and tear of your beloved pet.

Comfort Levels

This blanket is made of a thick layer of fleece to provide optimal comfort for your dog. The fabric is also waterproof, which can prevent your dog from feeling uncomfortable in wet areas.

Allisandro Super Soft and Fluffy Premium Flannel Fleece Dog Throw Blanket

CHEE RAY Extra Thick Washable Snugly Sherpa Fleece Dog Blanket and Cat...

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Another great buy is the Allisandro Super Soft and Fluffy Premium Flannel Fleece Dog Throw Blanket. This blanket comes in a multitude of sizes and colors, all of which are made of high-quality materials. It has a double-layer design that allows the blanket to be lightweight, warm, soft, and stylish all at once. Plus, like many of the other blankets, it is entirely machine-washable and will not lose its shape or form.

Comfort Levels

This blanket offers double the thickness of a standard blanket and is made of soft, fluffy flannel material.

​​KritterWorld Pet Dog

KritterWorld Pet Dog Cat Puppy Kitten Microplush Sherpa Snuggle...

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The KritterWorld Pet Dog blanket is a larger alternative with tons of fluff to go around. This blanket comes in eight different color variations and has a size of 45” x 30”. One side of the blanket has a smooth, yet soft texture that is soft on the skin. The other side is super fluffy, designed to keep your dog warm on cold nights. This way, they can try out both sides and choose whichever is most comfortable for them.

Comfort Levels

This blanket is constructed out of soft, plush material to keep your dog both comfortable and warm. It also offers two different textures, allowing your dog the choice of what is most comfortable for them.

Bone Dry DII Pet Pillow Blanket

Bone Dry DII Medium Pet Pllow Blanket for Dogs and Cats, 50x60, Warm,...

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The Bone Dry Dll Pet Pillow Blanket combines the greatness of pillows and blankets into a single unit. On three of the sides is a small zipper that, when undone, can fit a plush pillow inside for added padding and comfort. If your dog needs a break from the padding, or wants to lie on the couch, just remove the pillow insert and use the blanket as usual.

Comfort Levels

This blanket is made out of microfiber plush material that is soft, smooth, and warm.

Furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket

furrybaby Premium Soft Dog Blanket for Medium Small Dogs Puppy Cat...

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The Furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket comes in all sizes and a small selection of colors. It is made of environmentally-friendly fleece that is both soft and thick. The blanket is well-padded but is not heavy or dense in design. It can also easily be washed and dried in a machine without the worry of it shedding or fading.

Comfort Levels

This blanket has a thick design perfect for dogs looking to feel cozy. The material is light, environmentally friendly, and comfortably soft to lie on.

PETPAWJOY Dogs Blanket

PETPAWJOY Dogs Blanket, Crate Pad Cat Bed Dog Crate Cushions Pad...

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The PetPawJoy Dogs Blanket is a thick crossbreed of a dog blanket and a dog mat. This blanket is lightweight, easy to carry around the house, and highly durable. It comes in a number of sizes, all of which will provide optimum comfort for your dog. Plus, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure you are getting a quality product your dog will love.

Comfort Levels

Made of a combination of both cotton and fleece, this blanket is thick, soft, and fluffy. It provides excellent support for your dog’s body and is comfortable to lay on.

​​​​Friends Forever Deluxe Dog Blanket

Friends Forever Durable Dog Blanket for Couch Protection, Two Tone...

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The Friends Forever Deluxe Dog Blanket is both stylish and comfortable. It has a double layer with two different color options and has an in-seam stitch to hold together against even the most playful of pups. The fabric is also durable enough to be thrown into the washer again and again without ever losing its softness.

Comfort Levels

The blanket itself is made of polyester micro plush to provide your dog with the softest materials possible. It is warm and thick, providing an excellent place for your dog to rest.

The Verdict

Your dog’s health and comfort are vital to its overall happiness How well your pooch sleeps is a huge part of that. To help give your dog a better night’s sleep, consider getting a dog blanket. We have provided you with a list of the ten best options currently on the market. However, after careful consideration, we have selected one blanket as the overall winner.

Our overall pick for the best dog blanket is the Allisandro Super Soft and Fluffy Premium Flannel Fleece Dog Throw Blanket. This blanket is made of incredibly soft material, is thick enough to provide support to your dog’s body, and is highly affordable. If you can afford something a bit more expensive, we also highly recommend the Mambe 100% Waterproof Pet Blanket. This is an ideal blanket for dogs with a tendency to drool or lick throughout the day/night as it will not damage the material. Plus, it is incredibly soft and well crafted. This makes it another great choice if you want a blanket that is designed to last and help your dog to get a good night’s rest.

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