Dog breeds that can be left alone are a fortunate thing for busy people. A number of dog owners may need to leave the house for a period of time, often due to work commitments and social activities, and as such, will want to know which dog breeds can be left alone. The time an owner stays out of the house can have an effect on your dog, with it feeling lonely and then creating havoc. In this regard, you need to know what dog breeds suit your particular set of circumstances.

How Long Should You Leave a Dog Alone?

Leaving your dog home all by itself is fine in the initial period, as long as it is not for a great deal of time. There are some dog breeds that can be left alone without worry. While this is music to the ears of potential dog owners, it’s still important that you invest the time into ensuring your dog has company at some point in the day. The maximum amount of time any dog, regardless of breed, should be left alone is approximately twelve hours.

Treats and Activities for Any Dog Breed

Even if your dog is only left at home for short periods of time, to provide a loving and nurturing environment, you need to make certain he is looked after. Buy lots of toys that you know they will enjoy playing with. Your dog will also need to be cared for in a secure environment and be nourished in the correct way. You may also want to consider some activities to keep your pet focused and alert.

Good Dog Breeds That Can Be Left Alone

    • The Great Dane: A large, sleepy dog that is a pleasure to have around. They are a much-loved breed as they are docile and love to communicate with their owners. For the most part of the day your dog will be sleeping, so when left alone at home, he is not going to feel so anxious. However, your dog still needs walks outdoors to make up for the time spent on his own.

dog breeds great danes

    •  English Bull Dog: On the whole the laziest dog of all. This is a breed that is low on energy, and often wants to stay home. That said, this particular breed of dog is a friendly, medium sized dog and it doesn’t have any attributes that would make the breed troublesome to care for. A small home is just fine for this dog, but again remember to leave activities to keep your dog occupied while they are home alone.

dog breeds english bulldog

    • Bichon Frise: This is a cheerful and endearing little dog does not require very long walks and backbreaking exercise, so they often feel most comfortable at home. If they have an assortment of toys, they tend not to get anxious, as they relish in their preferred environment while remaining stimulated.

dog breeds Bichon_Frisé

There a many dog breed that can be left alone, but remember that a dog must not be left alone so that they become anxious or stressed. As such, it pays dividends to invest quality time with your dog when you have a spare moment.

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DISCLAIMER: The information on this site is not intended to replace the advice of your own veterinarian or doctor. Should you think that your pet needs medical attention, please contact your local veterinarian.

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