Are Dog Clothes Really Necessary?

Opinion on whether or not dogs should wear clothes has always been divided. There are some people that believe it is totally unnecessary to buy dog costumes and dog jackets, and there are others that totally believe in the dog clothing concept.

The truth is that there are some major benefits from using dog apparel, and these will be explained in this article. You want to do everything that you can to protect your dog and you do not want your dog to get sick.

If you live in a warm climate then you will probably feel that there is no need to put clothes on your dog. But what if you want to travel with your dog? You may be going to a climate that is colder and wetter than where you currently live, so a dog coat could be required.

It Depends What Breed Of Dog That You Own And Your Dog’s Health

If you own a hardy, northern breed of dog such as a Bernese Mountain dog, then it is unlikely that you will need clothes for your dog, as they are used to cold weather and will enjoy rolling around in snow.

Dogs that certainly qualify for clothes are smaller dogs, dogs with a thin body type such as whippets and greyhounds (and dogs of this build that have short fur) and elderly dogs or dogs that have an illness.

All of the above dog types will find it difficult to generate sufficient body heat to fend off the cold. Any heat that they generate soon dissipates and cannot be maintained. Although dogs have their own layering system, some dogs have much lighter layers than others, and it is entirely possible that the climate that they are living in is not suited to them genetically.

The pet medical profession agrees that dogs with thin, short hair would benefit from protection when the weather gets colder. They also include dogs that have weakened immune systems, and dogs that have problems with hair growth due to illness.

What Are The Real Advantages Of Clothes For Dogs?

Protection from the elements is not the only consideration when it comes to dog clothing. Your dog can benefit from wearing clothes every day just as humans do. A good set of dog’s clothes can help your dog to enjoy the outdoors more and stay outside longer. Your dog will be able to better adapt to seasonal changes with the right clothes as well.

Most people buy dog costumes to keep their dog warm, but there are other reasons that you should consider. If you live in a rainy climate then dog clothes will keep your dog dry. If the climate is warm, then clothes can help protect your dog from sunburn and also help to keep them cooler.

When your dog is outdoors, clothes can protect them and make them safer on the sidewalk and in other areas. They will also protect your dog’s coat and keep it clean. Your dog’s paws can be protected by the wearing of dog boots. A major benefit of dog clothes is the repelling of ticks and fleas and the reduction of other insect bites.

What Kind Of Dog Clothes Are Available?

There are all kinds of outwear available for your dog. Some of these will protect from the cold, and others will stop your dog from getting too hot. There are sweaters, jackets, coats and sweat shirts available. These clothes are all designed to keep in your dog’s body heat.

Outwear for a dog is also useful for fighting against bites from spiders and mosquitoes, and also to repel ticks and fleas. If your dog enjoys roaming around in forests and scrubland, then outwear will protect their coats from thistles and burrs.

If the weather is warm then outwear can help by protecting your dog from the rays of the sun. Unlike us, your dog does not sweat through her skin. She will pant and get rid of the heat through her nose and paws. The use of light outwear, such as a cotton jersey, can reflect the sun’s rays and keep your dog cool.

When it is raining you can use a dog poncho. This will stop your dog from getting soaked and prevent shivering. These ponchos can also protect your dog from high winds. Being lightweight, the poncho will not be a weight burden for your dog and it will keep them dry.

If the weather is cooling, then you can use a lightweight coat, sweater or sweat shirt to keep your dog comfortable and warm. If it is really getting cold then a heavier coat or jacket will be required.

You can protect your dog’s paws by using dog boots. If the weather is really hot then the sidewalk will be painful for your dog. In the cold, your dog will have to walk across ice and snow which will be very discomforting. If you go off road with your dog then they will have to contend with thorns, thistles and may be even glass. A pair of well made dog boots can provide your dog with the right protection here.

There is also safety gear that can be worn at night. You can wear a jacket with reflective patches on it for safety, so why not dress your dog in something similar? There are some really stylish garments available for your dog that has reflective patches on them.

Then there is protecting your dog on those cold nights. If you put a blanket over your dog at night it is unlikely that they will stay covered for long. You can buy dog pajamas that will keep your dog warm throughout the night.

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