Dog Leg Warmers

Dog Leg Sweaters

Leg warmers might be out of style for people but they’re never out of fashion for a dog. Just as leg warmers kept people’s legs warm, back in the day, they do the same for a dog. Even a furry dog can get cold legs but dogs with little or no hair on their legs can really get chilly. Your dog will stay much warmer, and quite cozy, when you make him or her some leg warmers.

If you have some old, furry socks, you’ve got the perfect leg warmers. The best socks are long ones, like knee socks. Just cut the sock from the heel, down, and use just the leg part of each sock in the pair. Cut the sock sections to be as long as the dog’s legs – with a little extra for scrunching the leg warmers.
Unless the socks are a perfect fit for your dog (not likely), you’ll have to do just a little sewing. After cutting off the leg section of the sock, cut up one side, so you can open the cloth and lay it out flat.

Measure around the “ankle” of the dog and draw that measurement on one end of the cloth. Measure around the top of the dog’s leg and draw that measurement on the opposite side of the cloth. Cut off the excess fabric. Then, fold the cloth in half, and seam it up the cut side. Although you can hem the two ends of the leg warmer if you want, it’s not usually necessary.

If you have no fuzzy socks you can use it’s easy to make them out of other cloth. Use the sleeve from an old sweater, terry cloth material, fleece, or another material, and make the warmers yourself. Just be sure the cloth you choose is stretchy. No matter what fabric you’re using, measure the smallest and largest areas of the dog’s legs, draw those measurements on the cloth, cut, then seam.

There are embellishments you can add to the leg warmers, if you want, like a pom-pom, a bow, or an applique, sewn onto one side of each “ankle”. The doggie leg warmers are really great if you’re taking your pet for a walk but a dog can wear them around the house, too. He or she will be much cozier and the leg warmers will become a favorite thing for your pet to wear.

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