Why Does the Dog Next Door Bark All the Time?

Reasons Why Some Dogs Bark

Dogs do not bark simply because they are releasing an involuntary spasm from their mouths. They are trying to tell you something! Trying to work out just what that is can take some time though. The following is a list of reasons why the dog next door could be barking.

1. Why does the dog next door bark all the time ? He is bored

Dogs that are left on their own for hours on end will quickly become bored. One way to tell is if you look out of a window at the dog and watch as he runs up and down in the front or back garden. He will do some aimlessly and repetitively. This reveals that the dog is bored. He does not have the proper stimulation to keep him occupied through the day.

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2. Why does the dog next door bark all the time? He wants some attention

I have known dog owners who will quite happily leave their dog to his own devices, even when they are home and are able to spend time with their pet. The dog is usually so overjoyed to see his owners, that he will exhibit bizarre behaviour around them and try to get their full attention. But if he is still left alone outside, he will try to get the attention of his owners by barking. Dog owners should think long and hard about getting a dog. If they will be away from home for long periods throughout the day, it will be hard for the dog to receive any kind of attention.

Taking on a dog is a big responsibility. Pet owners, owe it to the animal to treat them with kindness and care. One way they can do that is to make sure they do not neglect them and to give them lots of attention each day.

3. Why does the dog next door bark all the time? He wants to go for a walk

Some dog owners mistakenly believe that as long as their dog has a small patch of grass outside, that he has plenty of room to exercise and run around. Wrong! Dogs need exercise the same as humans do. Would you expect a human to get lots of exercise if they never emerged from their bedroom? Running back and forth barking against a small fence is not the kind of exercise dogs need. If you decide to get a dog, you must accept that the dog will need to go for walks each day. Of course, it will not be possible to go for walks every day. The weather may become inclement. In that case, putting the dog outside for a short period of time is acceptable. But bring them back in again!

4. Why does the dog next door bark all the time? He senses danger

Not all dogs are reared as pets. Some are kept mainly as guard dogs. But dogs have a great sense of danger. They may bark a lot because each person who comes to the door is a potential threat to their owner, or they may be alerting the owner to a threat inside the house, such as a fire. I have heard countless stories of brave dogs who saved their owners from a burning fire by barking and alerting them to the danger.

5. Why does the dog next door bark all the time? He is making friends!

Dogs are sociable animals. If you walk across the road and come across several homes side by side with dogs in each one, what do you normally hear? Lots of barking usually. It would probably translate into something like this: “Hi Fido. How are things? Have you been given a new juicy bone yet?”

So do not automatically equate each and every bark to behavioural problems. Dogs are simply expressing themselves. Each bark means something different. Listening to a dog barking day in and day out can be draining. It might be necessary to report the owners for neglecting their animal if you have reason to believe the dog has been neglected. You can offer to help out if you can be dog sitting once in a while or even just offering to walk the dog. Dogs are delightful animals. But they need to be loved too.

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