Why a dog playpen is a great choice for a hyper dog!

Why a dog playpen is a great choice for a hyper dog!

You’re super excited about bringing home your new companion! You think about all of the great times that you’re going to have together. Going to the park, playing fetch, cuddled up on the couch watching movies… It all sounds so magical. That is, until reality sets in…

You didn’t bring home a cuddle-bug… You brought home a hyper, tornado-like dog of destruction!

Your puppy simply won’t stop bouncing off the walls!

No matter what you do, he just won’t calm down!

You’re at your wits end. Nothing that you do seems to help…

But don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Many dog owners have been in the exact same situation as you… including myself!

My story…

I adopted my wonderful pup off of PetFinder.com (highly recommend everyone gets their dog from a rescue agency or shelter). He was advertised as a dachshund / corgi mix from Tennessee. He sure looked it too!

I figured he’d be pretty energetic at the beginning, but that would taper off after a year or so. I’ve had the breed in the past and that’s what happened

Well, I sure was wrong.

To no fault of anyone at the dog rescue agency, this dog turned out to have a heck of a lot of jack russell in him!

I tried everything I could think of to tire him out… hikes, walks, morning runs, tons of fetch, swims… you name it, I tried it!

I eventually found my saving grace…

A puppy playpen!

What? How on Earth did a puppy playpen help?

Well, what the puppy playpen did was give him a safe space where he would be limited in his activities. This allowed him to focus on one thing at a time – whether it was his favorite dog toy or laying on his favorite dog bed.

The reason is allowed him to focus is because the dog playpen that I purchased for him was only about 4’ by 4’. While he was a small puppy, he really couldn’t run anywhere in such a confined space.

Not only did this calm him down, but it allowed me to use the mirror method of dog training with him when he was calm! This really reinforced the behavior that being calm is a good thing!

Purchasing the dog playpen for him really helped us bond. No longer was I getting frustrated by his insane amount of energy. No longer was he chewing absolutely everything when I wasn’t looking.

Heck, he even stopped barking as much!

I trained him to use his dog pen the same way that we taught him how to use his dog crate.

So if you have a super hyper dog, try getting them a dog playpen! (Or if you’re traveling, a portable dog playpen!)


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