Why Dog Playpens Are A Must Have For Every Dog Owner

Why Dog Playpens Are A Must Have For Every Dog Owner

It is likely that your puppy or dog will have high energy levels and this can sometimes lead them to getting into trouble. You do not want to be angry with your dog for destroying things and you want them to be safe, so a dog play pen is the answer for you.

The playpen will be their space, and more importantly it will keep them safe. It provides a good way to confine your puppy or dog while letting them burn up the energy that they have. They will also not run around the house or yard breaking everything!

The pen is a great place for your dog to exercise and there are many different types of playpens for dogs available. It will pay you to shop around as you will find that the pens are made from different materials and have many different features. Here you will find the best dog playpens.

You will want to choose a dog play pen that makes your dog feel like part of the family, but confines them so that they don’t get into too much mischief. There are indoor playpens and outdoor playpens and even portable dog playpens.

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What Are The Different Types Of Dog Playpens?

A dog play pen is essentially a portable fence that can be set up to provide a large enough space for your dog or puppy to play around in. You can use these playpens inside your home or outside in the yard.

You will want to choose a dog playpen that is big enough for the food and water vessels that your dog uses, a nice and comfortable bed for your dog and room for some toys as well. Playpens can be constructed from wire, canvas wood or plastic.

If you want a playpen for your dog to use outdoors then you will find that these are made of stronger materials such as wire or plastic. They are a little smaller than a dog run but somewhat similar. Some pens come with a cover to prevent your dog from getting out.

A dog playpen for indoor use is normally made of plastic and will have soft sides which enable you to fold them up for transportation and storage. You will find that a number of indoor and outdoor playpens for dogs will allow you to join additional panels so that you can make your dogs play area larger.

When Should You Consider A Dog Play Pen?

If you have just taken ownership of a new puppy then getting a puppy playpen is a very good idea. When your puppy is in their playpen you can do other things safe in the knowledge that your puppy is not wrecking your home.

Another advantage of a dog playpen is that you can use it when you have guests in your home or you want to separate your dog from other pets or children. A play pen can offer similar advantages to dog crates but they are bigger and provide more freedom and space for your dog.

If you have tried a crate with your dog and they didn’t like it too much then a dog play pen can be a good alternative.

Another great use of a dog playpen is when your outside yard is not completely closed off or lacks fencing in some areas.

What To Look Out For When Using Dog Playpens Indoors

Most family homes are busy and there is always a lot of things that need doing, so having your dog or puppy following you around everywhere or upstairs wrecking the bathroom is something that you can avoid with an indoor playpen.

You might find that your dog play pen tends to move around a lot if your dog or puppy is particularly active. If this happens then the best way to stop it is to use heavy objects placed around the perimeter of the dog pen.

Most dog play pens do not have a floor so if there are any pee accidents they will soak through into your carpet which you will certainly want to avoid. To prevent this, get some absorbent material and place it inside the dog pen.

What To Consider When Using Outdoor Dog Playpens

An outdoor dog pen is a great idea if you want to stop your dog digging and generally trashing your yard. When you are working outdoors, you can place your dog in the pen and have the peace of mind that they will be safe.

Outdoor dog pens do not normally have bottoms to them so if your dog is particularly active the pen will move and your dog may be able to get out of the pen easily. This can be prevented by using secure fastenings to stop your dog playpen moving no matter how energetic your dog is.

Be careful not to place your dog play pen in direct sunlight as this can really distress your dog or puppy and they can really suffer in the heat. Choose a shaded area to situate your dog pen and monitor this as the sun moves around throughout the day.

Remember to provide some fresh water and some food for your dog if you intend for them to be in the pen for a while. Avoid using canned food here as it will quickly dry out and your dog will not want to eat this.

How Do Dog Playpens Compare To Crates?

Dog play pens are not suitable for crate training as they tend to be larger than dog crates. If your puppy is really young and you want to use puppy pads then you could use a puppy pen to confine your puppy and keep the puppy pads there too.

You need to consider the size of your dog as a lot of the dog pens available are not very high and a larger dog could climb out which is not likely to happen with a dog crate. You can stop this by buying a cover for the dog pen.

Dog crates are usually made of sturdy materials where a dog pen can be a lot softer. This can cause a problem if your dog likes to chew as you will see your dog playpen disintegrate before your eyes.

The Benefits Of Dog Play Pens

They are easy to set up both indoors and outdoors

Your dog will have a safe area to play in and they will not be destroying your home

They provide a sense of freedom for your dog

Your dog will be able to see everything and everybody so they will not feel alone

Most dog pens can be easily folded up and transported elsewhere or put in storage

They can improve your relationship with your dog.

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    heidrun August 13, 2016 at 4:04 pm

    i’m allways astonished – in germany only few people use pens or crates. even with high energy puppies. we train our dogs very fast to be housebroken and what to chew (and close a few doors where we don’t want the dog to go without being watched). i read that many of american dogs are not walked but live in the house and large backyards but dogs want to walk and get new impressions every day – same as we want. then they don’t allways look for something new to do in the house and try to chew something new or make a new parcours over all the furniture. they run and jump and play outside so they are easy to train to go to bed and sleep (dogs like to sleep much if they are allowed to walk and play and sniff a lot – sniffing is like reading and thinking for us – makes the brain tired). or at least be calm and nice. it’s not normal for dogs to sit in cages. most dogs are crate-trained if their owners really want to use one in the car. or when they go to holiday and want the dog travelling with them and have a flight. that’s the moment for many dogs to learn to accept the crate. and they will – takes a few weeks or so but it’s easy to do even with older dogs. that’s it most of the time. i raised my working line gsd in a small flat (got a lot of time outside). and in one room it could be a bit wild. i lost only one shirt and one fax which came out of the fax-machine when i was outside and my small puppy viciously wanted to prevent that piece of paper to enter the room without permission 😉

  2. Reply
    Joe August 14, 2016 at 7:44 am

    Hi Heidrun!

    Thanks for commenting! It’s true that our dogs in America spend more time indoors than out. You’re also correct that the majority of dog owners only let their dog run around outside. It’s something that I’ve been guilty of too. Unfortunately, when we’re out with our dogs, we can usually only walk with them on their leash, which kind of limits how much they can actually run. The majority of parks and other public fields in America do not allow dogs to run around off-leash. Primarily, the only option for that is dog parks, lakes, or woods. But not everyone lives near those. Therefore, we have to resort to using dog playpens and outdoor dog kennels. It kind of stinks, but it’s better than nothing!

    So sorry about that piece of fax paper 😛


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