There is a contemporary trend among thoughtful pet owners to buy treadmills for exercising requirements. Surely occasional walks do not satisfy your dogs workout needs. The problem again is, most of us rarely find free time to walk our dogs, and this is also dependent on favorable weather conditions. So you must consider getting a dog treadmill to help your dogs lead a healthy life.

What is a dog treadmill?

A dog treadmill, just like the one you use, has a rotating floor that encourages your dog to move at a fixed pace. It is quite similar only that it is smaller in size, and has belts to hold your animal within the bounds to avoid falling or slipping off.

Like human treadmills there are two types, motorized and manual.


  1. On average your dog must get a minimum 1 hour exercise daily, and this is even higher for energetic dogs.
    2. A dog treadmill will dramatically improve your dogs general health, even relieving stress.
    3. Saves you a lot of time by exercising your dog indoors.
    4. You don’t have to worry about walking your pet on a busy street. It’s safer home.
    5. Certain breeds of dogs, like Pit-bull and Rottweiler, that are forbidden on the streets in some countries can benefit from a dog treadmill.
    6. Show dogs don’t have to suffer the elements in the streets which can result in broken coat or injuries.
    7. Your dogs won’t have to suffer from severe weather like hot summer days, rain or winter. They can exercise in the comfort of your home.
    8. You can save a lot of money you might be spending on hired dog walkers.
    9. You have no safety concerns about you and your dog. You are all safe at home.
    10. With a well laid out exercise program you can vary your dogs workout, like changing speed and increasing the distance, even varying the incline.
    11. Your dog can also watch his favorite animal TV program while exercising.
    12. Treadmill exercise also provides flexibility while adding consistency to any exercising program.


  1. It is expensive; manual treadmills on average start from $400. Motorized ones go to $1000.
    2. A dog treadmill, no matter how small takes up space in a house. So storage can be a challenge.
    3. A dog treadmill cannot provide the beautiful scene in the park or even the fresh air, or even social contact with other dogs. Occasionally, you will have to walk your dog the traditional way.


  1. Take your dog for walks.
    2. Engage a dog walking service.
    3. If your dog likes to play fetch, do it to his advantage, do it outdoors.
    4. Swimming can also help your dog, especially if you join in to race with him.
    5. Let him follow you while horse racing.
    6. If your dog is trained to follow and be spring hooked to a bicycle, then take him along whenever you cycle.
    7. Think of joining dog clubs and dog parks where your dogs can freely roam within a large fenced place, and catch up with other dog friends.
    8. Stair climbing is can also provide a good exercise to your dog.
    9. Generally, encourage your dog to lead a playful lifestyle.


If introduced appropriately, a dog treadmill can be both beneficial and enjoyable to you dog. For dogs that are keen on biting and excessive, treadmill exercise can help reduce the stress. Keep your dog in shape and increase your pet lifespan. All else said, don’t forget that those walks in the park or countryside are beneficial to both you and your dog, let him run around catching insects while you enjoy the view and fresh air.