Dog Whispering

Dog whispering is the freshest and one of the most controversial dog training methods around today. Many dog trainers do not think much of dog whispering and they do not consider it real dog training.

Dog Whispering proponents would say that those dog trainers just don’t understand what dog whispering is all about. They say that dog whispering is more of an art rather than a scientific method of dog training.

What is Dog Whispering?

Dog whispering is not just mumbling nice words to your dog. There’s a lot more to it than that. It involves techniques which can be used to better understand your dog through body language. Animals speak volumes in their body language. People speak with their bodies too but dogs even more so because they do not have much in the way of spoken language to communicate.

When you use dog whispering you will feel more connected to your dog in a natural way. Instead of training your dog to try and speak your language you will try to speak theirs.

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The feeling of communicating with your dog in this way cannot be described in words alone. People who feel very close to their dogs and who wish to really understand them are more interested in dog whispering. Others use their dogs more as a tool or as a toy rather than as a true companion. These types of people may not be interested in dog whispering.

Dog whispering is said to be similar to the techniques that are used to understand the behavior of wolf packs.

How does Dog Whispering work?

There are no disciplinary commands or obedience codes in dog whispering. It is more simple and yet also much more deep than that. It is a simple method of understanding your dog’s behavior in a social way. Why does your dog do the things he or she does?

Dog whispering is a unique concept in the world of dog training. Nothing has been really proven about the effectiveness of dog whispering. But this is not really the aim. If you are looking for proof than this is probably not the method for you. Dog whispering contains some mystic elements that may be controversial among certain people.

Where did the concept of Dog Whispering come from?

Dog Whispering is based on the alpha dog paradigm. In the case of wolf packs, when a certain wolf becomes the leader of the pack then it displays dominance. The dog whisperer is believed to become the leader of the dog (or dogs) while understanding the dog’s natural instincts without putting him on obedience training. This way the dog treats his human owner as leader of the pack rather than just someone to fear which is the consequence of some other training techniques that use negative reinforcements.


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