Dog’s Eyes

Have you ever asked yourself what may the eyes of a dog say? This question will not seem to be an interesting one if you do not have a dog.

First of all, the dog uses the eyes to communicate with you. In such a way he/she talks to you.

Also, the dog feels the fear, using his/her eyes. He/she will never try to bite you if he/she does not feel any feeling of fear coming from you. If he/she notices that your moves are full of fear, he/she will stay away from you (avoiding the moment to bite you) or will warn you with a growl.

The third moment is the most interesting moment. Any dog at any moment will try to hypnotize you. He/she will never miss that chance. The process of hypnotizing is very simple, he/she looks just in your eyes and you do not realize how much time you spend to look in his/her eyes. Their looking is very deep, so in the most cases they succeed to reach our souls, in order to ask something.

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The most prefered topics for dogs are: food and walking. So, in order to make theirs dreams come true, they will use their looking at the maximum. The dogs have patience, their ability to wait for something/someone is highly developed. They may spend the entire day, looking at you, for seeing any results, surely if they want it.

As a conclusion we may say that not only we – human beings – are the most capable beings, full of skills or abilities. The dogs do not remain far away from us in the way they feel, react and understand. Their love to the persons who are taking care for him/her, from the early days and during their life, is one from the purest ones.

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