Dogs: God’s Precious Gifts

We Couldn’t Be More Blessed but to Have Dogs in Our Lives

She’s always there, wagging that long bushy tail of hers. That tail that never ceases to wag frantically as if it were the power source that’s keeping her alive. Even when she is in trouble she’s wagging that tail.

It’s a beautiful tail. Long and flowing in the Gulf Coast breezes. Hair, really, she has no fur at all. It has the same consistency of my own and just as blond. We really do make a perfect pair. Some people say pet owners grow to look just like their beloved. Jesus, let this be true.

We never fight or argue. She never talks back to me. She is never mad at me no matter how much I have yelled at her. She’s always patient, sweet, loving, and ready to play. No matter how irritated, mean, angry, or exhausted I am. If I have had an intense day, when I come home, there she is, wagging that beautiful tail and looking up at me with those huge eyes like Hershey Kisses. Somehow I always feel better.

Some people say you should count your blessings every day, and I do. I’m blessed with a loving and supportive family, a sweet fiancé, a comfortable home. But my sweet Savannah. The guardian and protector, the house alarm, the jogging buddy, the nap time pal, the start of our family and my best friend. I saw a bumper sticker once that said “Dogs are God’s gifts to us because He loves us and wants us to be happy.” How silly and yet how profound. With all of life’s stresses, marriage and mortgages, work and play, I think of her little face and I’m overwhelmed with joy and pride. If they are truly God’s gifts, He must really love me.

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