Why Are Dogs Loyal?

Why Are Dogs Loyal?

There’s no denying that one of the most endearing traits of a dog is its loyalty. But why are dogs so loyal? We take a look at a dog’s character to try and unearth just what it is that makes a dog man’s best friend.

What Makes a Dog Loyal?

Many people will have polarizing views as to why a dog is loyal to its master. Many will declare that it is because a dog relies on its master to provide it with food and shelter, and as such offers an abundance of affection in return. However, those who have been away from their owners for a certain period of time are often met with an excitable animal, meaning that a dog’s loyalty to humans is based purely on the bond you have built with it.

A dog’s bond is not limited to humans alone, dogs naturally have an affectionate nature, and this what makes dogs so loyal. Whether it’s with other dogs in the park, or with their owners, a dog’s natural instinct is to make friends. Those who are aggressive and often the product of human conditioning, and as such, are rarely at fault.

Some Very Loyal Dog Breeds

While loyalty is a common trait among many dogs, there are some breeds who are able to push that envelope that little bit further. We outline some of the breeds considered to be among the loyalist.

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Great Pyrenees: One of the most loyal breeds is actually a livestock guardian, and are known to protect their loved ones at all costs, regardless of the threat involved.

Shetland Sheepdog: If you’ve ever owned a Shetland sheepdog, then you will know that it’s like having your own personal shadows. This loving breed lives for the love of their owners, very often giving outsiders the cold shoulder.

German Shepherd: If you’re looking a companion with razor-sharp instincts, then the German Shepherd is for you. There’s a reason as to why this particular breed in introduced into a number of police and military coops, and that’s due to its dedication and precision. German Shepherds have been known to drag soldiers out of harm’s way, only solidifying how loyal this breed really is.

Rough Collie: Often seen as the ‘bigger brother’ of the Shetland Sheepdog, this dog breed shares a lot of traits with the Shetland, only minus the reserved nature. This means that the dog’s loyalty is a little more widespread than that of the Shetland, albeit with its focus on its owners.

Kuvasz: Much of this dog’s loyalty could be put down to its initial royal roots. In Turkish, the name translates to ‘armed guard of the nobility.’ Add to this to the dog’s already affectionate nature, and you’ve got a companion who will stand by your side regardless of the circumstances.

As you can see, there can be a number of factors that make a dog loyal, but they are loyal regardless as to the reason why. Of course, more aggressive animals do little to help the stigma of a dog, but remember, no dog is born aggressive.

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