Earth Animal No-Hide Chicken Chews 4″ 24-Pack Review

Earth Animal No-Hide Chicken Chews 4″ 24-Pack Review

The furry member of your house sure needs something to chew and eat all the time. You can make this possible by gifting the Earth Animal No-Hide Chicken Chews. This comes in a pack of 24, measuring about 4 inches.

Buy yours today and make them jump with joy. This serves as a completely healthier alternative to the rawhide. This provides a new meaning to the dog treats.

About the product

Earth Animal No-Hide Chicken Chews 4" 24-Pack ReviewIt comprises of the highest quality which makes sure that your dear pet gets the best. The brand settles for the best quality as one of its core value. It takes pride of not using any unacceptable chemicals or ingredients in its manufacturing.

This is completely free of hide and is one of its kinds. It is extremely long lasting while can be digested completely. No hide has been used to ensure complete enjoyment of the dog.

Uses of the product

This helps in providing peace of mind to the owners. The cooking process has been taken complete crae of. The chicken is made to be cooked in a very careful manner. It has been rolled and cooked uniquely and then dried later.

It has been dried well to ensure that your dog loves it. To ensure the best quality, no additives or chemicals have been added. This chicken chews are completely natural and hence digestible.

Along with being completely digestible, the chews are also extremely delicious to soothe the taste buds of your pets. It is filled with nutrients which makes it completely nutritious. Read what other customers are saying here and make your wise choice.

Each and every chew is made after total inspection by the USDA. The facility of human food makes sure that it is of the best quality. The chew has been prepared in a way that it is a treat for your dogs.

The ingredients that has been used are chicken stews, chicken gelatin, chicken, organic eggs, rice flower (brown), banana, olive oil, bromelain. The calories count is 35 per chew. This chew has been made in the USA.

It has been prepared using chicken which are farm-raised from America. There is no kind of chemicals, steroids or hormones added to it. This renders a completely new meaning to the dog chews.

This is completely long lasting and is the healthier alternative. It comes in a cheap price and can be availed easily. Without any further hesitation, gift this healthy nutrition to your dog.

This can be availed in bulk as it is available in a pack of 24. The chews are available of sized 4 inches. It comes in a bulk box.


Thus, this is healthier alternative and serves as the best nutrition for your dog. As it is prepared using natural ingredients, it does no harm to your furry friends. It is completely safe for use and is also extremely nutritious. Add this healthy alternative to the diet and see them grow healthy while being elated with joy. Get the lowest price today and choose the best alternative.


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