How To Ensure Your Pet’s Outdoor Dog House Is Very Comfortable

How To Ensure Your Pet’s Outdoor Dog House Is Very Comfortable

Pet comfort is often very easy to assume. You think that just because an outdoor dog house is designed a certain way, that it would readily be comfortable for our four-legged companion. This is too much of an assumption to make. You have to understand that your canine pet is not a human being.

Things and factors that may make a lot of sense to you may not actually make a lot of sense to your pet. It pays off to look at your choice of outdoor dog house from the perspective of your pet. I am not saying that you should go overboard, go on all-fours and pretend you’re a dog when checking out these outdoor dog houses.

I am not saying you should go to those extremes. What I am saying is that you should take into consideration everything that you know about your dog and use these as the bases for your decision. A little bit of empathy can go a long way as far as coming to the right choice is concerned. If you’re still on the fence as to what type of outdoor dog house to go with, consider the following.

Make Sure It’s Easy To Move

Since you don’t know if your dog would prefer one spot in your backyard over another, it’s always a good idea to go with a housing unit that can easily be lifted. See if you can lift the unit safely and easily drag it to another spot. By safely and easily, I’m talking about not having to break a sweat. Also, you should be able to move it without throwing out your back.

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Make Sure It’s Easy to Upgrade

If your dog behaves in a certain way, your outdoor dog house might need to be upgraded. You might need to add certain amusement elements. You might even need to expand it. Whatever the case may be, make sure you go with the model that is fairly easy to upgrade. This means that it’s very easy to pull apart and plug in panels or other modular items.

If the model that you’re looking at isn’t very modular, you might have a problem on your hands. It might turn out that your dog prefers certain amenities and this could be an issue since you are stuck with a hard to upgrade model.

Make Available Chew Toys And Other Doggie Comforts

To maximize you dog’s comfort, make sure that he has enough chew toys lying around. Invest in the right doggie bed for your pet. Sure, your pet is outdoors, but that does not necessarily mean that your dog has to spend time on the grass. There are many weather proof dog bed models on the market. Make sure you pick a unit that fits your dog’s temperament and personality. Investing in these creature comforts, you ensure maximum health, well being and comfort for your four-legged companion.

Plastic Dog Houses Can Be Problematic

A lot of pet owners think in terms of short cuts. I really can’t say I blame them. Let’s face it, there are only 24 hours in a day, there’s just so many things competing for our attention, it really would be nice to have our product choice decisions made for us in advance. This is why a lot of pet owners think in terms of short cuts. One common shortcut as far as outdoor dog house choices go is to automatically select plastic dog houses.

I can see why a lot of pet owners gravitate towards plastic models. Plastic after all tends to be light weight. Plastic dog houses are also very easy to pull apart and move from point A to point B. With that said, this is not a slam dunk. In some cases, plastic dog houses can have surfaces that trap debris. In others, the plastic surface actually trap urine and fur and create an unhygienic situation.

Don’t assume that the plastic dog house you are considering is the best out door dog house for your pet. You need to go the extra mile. You need to look at the surface, and the type of plastic the model is made of. Never assume that plastic is a good thing.

By the same token, never be assured that wooden doggie houses are bad choices. A wood outdoor dog house can actually be an excellent choice if it’s the right size, and if it has the right finish. As long as it doesn’t trap debris or liquids, it might actually be a good choice, provided, it’s portable enough.

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