Ensuring Hygiene With Outside Dog Runs

Ensuring Hygiene With Outside Dog Runs

A lot of pet owners automatically assume that if they pick a plastic outside dog run, hygiene is necessarily taken care of. I wish that was true. I wish that there is some sort of magic bullet material option that would make hygiene issues go away. Unfortunately, if you assume too much, your dog might not live in a very hygienic surroundings. It can lead to all sorts of health issues. This assumption of hygiene might even lead to safety issues.

That’s how big it is. Sadly, hygiene is one of those considerations that too many pet owners automatically assume when it comes to picking out dog runs. You can not do this. It’s just too easy to assume that most models are hygienic. They’re not. You can not let your assumptions lead to hygiene neglect. This neglect, in turn, leads to potential health hazards for your four-legged pet.

To maximize hygiene advantages, I strongly recommend you use wired outside dog runs. These type of dog runs are, by design, very portable. Often, when made out of plastic, they are also very easy to take apart. This is extremely important because the easier it is for you to pull apart your dog’s housing unit, you’re more likely you would be to clean it.

I’ve seen it happen time and time again, where owners are looking for heavy duty units and they became lazy after a while. After all, it can get really old, pulling apart a very heavy or a bulky unit. In a matter of time, you come up with all sorts of excuses not to clean up your pet’s space. You don’t want that to happen to you. So it’s really important to balance your need between a heavy duty unit and wired portable unit to maximize ease of cleaning. This can pretty much ensure, that your hygiene potential problems can go away.

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Workable Hygiene Strategies For Both Large And Small Dogs

Whether you have a large or small canine pet, keep in mind that hygiene should play a big role in how you manage the outside dog runs. At the very least, you need to give them enough space so they can run around. Large spaces enable them to segregate a certain section for sleep. These sleeping quarters are normally cleaner. This makes your job of maintaining overall hygiene, much easier.

Besides the concerns raised above, you should also consider coming up with a hygiene plan for your pets. While you don’t have to write a policy down, it’s a good idea to have a standard practice or checklist when out in the yard cleaning up after your pet. Make sure it is short, easy to do, and, most importantly, sustainable. This ensures that your pet will live in a clean and safe place for a long long time to come. Cover topics like debris clean up, fur disposal, and other topics that ensure you don’t allow potentially health-threatening factors or elements to pile up over time. A little bit of advance planning can pay off big time when it comes to your pet’s health.

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