Essentials of Dog Training – the Pack Mentality

Dogs are great pets. They are loyal, caring, and fun to play with. But things can go bad quickly if your pet lacks discipline. That is where dog training comes in. Dog training is something that all dogs can use. Sadly, not enough owners utilize all the techniques available to them which can lead to behavior problems.

The Pack Mentality

In order to truly understand the best way to go through dog training for your pet, it helps to understand the pack mentality. Dogs think in terms of social order. If you establish yourself as the master of the house through the use of loving discipline, then the dog will listen to you. If the dog is establishes as master, this could lead to misbehaving and a lack of discipline.

Hiring a Trainer

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The best thing to do is to hire a dog trainer to do the dog training, especially if you’ve never had a dog before. They can explain to you how the concept of the “pack” and social order could work for you as you are training your dog.

To find a good dog trainer, you can call your veterinarian and ask for recommendations. Or, ask other pet owners. Sometimes the best way to go is to ask other people. There are a lot of trainers out there, but not all of them will be effective.

Your Dog’s Personality

If you want your dog to be successfully trained, another factor is to consider the dog’s personality. Dog training has a lot to do with a set of principals. But each dog is different and not everything will work from one dog to the next. It could take trial and error to find the techniques that work.

Use Rewards Carefully

Rewards are a good thing to help build a well trained dog. But use them carefully. If you use them too often, the dog could become confused. If you don’t use them enough, this training technique will be ineffective. Work with the trainer to establish a rewards system that will work on your pet.

The Importance of Dog Training

Dog training is important. Without it, your dog will cause more stress than joy. If you want to enjoy your pet, it pays to go through some dog training. Working with a trainer could help speed results.

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