German Shepherd Training

German Shepherd training doesn’t need to be difficult but it does need to be consistent

Like any dog the German Shepherd is eager to do what we want if they understand what that is.

The German Shepherd was developed as an active farm dog and, through training, has become world renowned for agility, search and rescue, detection dogs, service dogs and many other purposes as well as pets. They are bold enough to perch on a helicopter skid, tough enough to take down a bad guy and tender enough to sooth the tears of an owner who is distraught.

The German Shepherd, unfortunately, has also become the focus of breed specific legislation due to those who do not train for anything but allow their dog to become unruly.

This is why it is critical that owners employ German Shepherd training not only to provide a good example of the breed but to insure that their pet or working dog has the manners and training needed to be a good dog. In some ways it is required even more than the average dog because if someone accuses a German shepherd of biting they are assumed guilty.

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In one case an owner had her puppy accused when it turned out based on the bite marks it was the accuser’s Golden Retriever who did the deed! German Shepherd training is critical and should be a part of your dog’s life from day one.

Not only should they learn obedience and manners but this is a breed that loves to work. They’re happiest when they have a job and are tired at the end of the day.

An example of German Shepherd training gone wrong was illustrated in the movie “K9” where “Jerry Lee” chewed the car up. Although it was funny in the movie, it is decidedly not funny to those who come back to the same thing!

Why your German Shepherd needs training:

Well over 90% of dogs given up at shelters are due to training issues according to a study conducted by Purina. This is important because:
•    It underscores the need for German Shepherd training
•    If you get a German Shepherd be sure as an owner that you understand the nature of the dog, particularly the nature of the German Shepherd.
•    Many German Shepherds, for all their size and “tough”, are easily rebuked by an owner’s voice. They want to please and when their owner is upset they want to change it – always give them a way to do so!
•    This is a large, active breed that needs mental challenges as well as physical ones and the act of training gives the dog this.
•    Be consistent, be clear and find active things to do with your dog.
•    If this isn’t an option for you choose a lower drive dog or another breed that is better suited to being on a low activity schedule.

German Shepherd training need not be difficult but it must be done. There are many groups that welcome a chance to include a beautiful, well mannered German Shepherd to their ranks for any type of training.

They are wonderful dogs that will dig down and go the extra mile when it’s needed, as if finding another gear in a sports car. Selection and natural ability does much but German Shepherd training insures this is a dog that knows what he’s doing and is equipped to do it.

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