Getting to Know Your Dachshund Dog

The Personality of a Dachshund

After we had to put our Lab mix put to sleep, we vowed not to get another dog for a while. We wanted to do some research and find the perfect breed for our family and not rush into filling a void. Sensible and selective was the path that we were on. After a couple of weeks, we were all on the internet looking at dogs and tallying the pros and cons of each family member’s favorites. We were agreed that we all wanted a big dog and that we should wait until spring to actually bring the addition home. It is much easier to housebreak a puppy when there’s not snow on the ground after all. No one really wanted to have to deal with a muddy puppy either!

We were being very thorough in our decision making process. We had begun looking into breeders and what might be available in the coming weeks. We had narrowed it down to a couple of possibilities and then it happened.

My husband was in the right place at the right time! He ran into a couple who were breeders, on their way to a dog show. They raised prized Dachshunds. Not a breed that we ever would have even considered. My husband has always had a deep dislike for the breed-being bitten by his best friend’s time after time. Being the nice guy that he is, he asked to see the puppies that they had in their truck. As the door was opened, a flash of brown jumped straight for him! He caught it and held it and asked about it-to be nice. To his surprise he was told that this dog was going to be put to sleep on Monday because he wasn’t show quality.

Well, that’s all it took and my phone started ringing! At first I was totally against him bringing it home. We had all agreed to wait until spring and we wanted a big dog-this was not a big dog and it was October! Okay, so I didn’t tell the kids what was coming home with Dad. It took a little while for them to warm up to the idea of having this dog but now he is part of the family. His size has been an asset because he can go with us and we don’t have to make arrangements for his care. He likes to travel too.

All dogs have personalities but this one is different from any dog we have had so far. He is eager to please us and it is easy to please him. He doesn’t require much – a bowl of food and water and a treat here and there. He normally comes when you call him and sits (though it’s hard to tell when he is with those short little legs). He was about a year old when we got him and was already housebroken-major bonus. He has no problem going into his crate when we leave and at night. He slept with us for the first few days but that came to a halt quickly! I have never had so little sleep in my life, even when I had babies, it is impossible for me to sleep with a blanket-hogging, burrowing dog constantly pushing up against you. Remember this is a small dog! Sitting on the couch, he must have a blanket to hide his head under and he must be on his back with legs splayed-displaying his doggie glory!

We are told he is a long-haired miniature Dachshund. We call him our little chocolate dog because that is just what he looks like. He has long wavy ears and soft slightly fluffy fur. His nose is brown and matches his eyes. He has a stout chest, very short legs, and a very long body! He was already named Dash so we kept it but he has many nicknames. For a couple of months his preferred name was Little Chocolate Do , spoken in a high pitched squeaky voice. He likes DashyDoodle these days. He has been a surprisingly good fit for our family and a joy to get to know. I guess we shouldn’t judge a dog by its cover and to keep an open mind!

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