Good Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

If you live in an apartment and are considering purchasing a new dog, you will want to get a breed that will be fine in your apartment. You can’t always assume that just because a dog is a small breed it will be the perfect apartment dog. Some of the worst dogs you can have in an apartment are small breeds. Here is a list of popular dogs that should do just fine living in an apartment:

Basset Hound: A Basset Hound would do fine in an apartment. They are very calm indoors dogs. You will want to get them exercise and take them on daily walks to keep them mentally and physically healthy.

Boston Terriers: The Boston Terrier is a relatively inactive indoor dog, they will love to be taken outside for playtime often, and should have a long walk at least once a day. They are sensitive to extreme temperatures, so generally kept as an indoor dog anyway.

English Bulldog: The English Bulldog would do fine in an apartment. They are a very calm indoor dog. English Bulldogs are generally indoors dogs anyway. An English Bulldog must be taken on a daily walk.

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Chihuahua: The Chihuahua is a good apartment dog. They get cold easily and should be kept indoors when it is chilly outside. They love to be lapdogs and will enjoy being in your apartment with you. You should take them out for a daily walk.

Pug: The Pug is a calm indoor dog and would do just fine in an apartment. You should keep the temperature moderate. They do not do well in extreme cold or heat. They would appreciate a daily walk as well. They love to play, but be careful that they do not begin to wheeze, if they do then you need to have them calm down.

Schnauzer: The Schnauzer is an active dog, but it would do fine in an apartment as long as you took it on a long walk each day. You should also exercise your Schnauzer with as much play time as you can.

Affenpinscher: The Affenpinscher is an active little dog, but it can get plenty of exercise around your apartment and would do just fine with apartment living. You should take your Affenpinscher on a daily walk to allow them some time outdoors. They would also enjoy getting out to run once in awhile in a safe setting.

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