Goofy Dog

I got Dakota as a 4 wk. old puppy. He was German Shepard and Cocker Spaniel crossed. Dakota was a good dog. You could lay a hot dog or treat on his nose and he wouldn’t move till you told him it was ok. Then he would jerk his head and usually catch the treat and eat it.

The family found out Dakota was a very odd dog when it was close to the 4th of July. When the fireworks started going off Dakota would go crazy trying to get off his chain. I thought he was affraid of them so I put him inside the house so he would be away from them. Well as soon as he had the opportunity to blast out the door when one of us went threw it he seized his opportunity to get to the fireworks. One of the family members had just lit a long pack of firecrackers in the street. Dakota went straight to the string of firecrackers and picked them up with his mouth. Dakota began shaking his head and firecrackers were flying every where. This was a total shock to the whole family. Dakota loved the fireworks instead of being affraid of them and he just wanted to play to. It became a daily ritual to let Dakota play with the firecrackers. Dakota would shake all that you would throw. We used to watch him and say crazy dog. It was also a must to keep Dakota locked up when you shot the arial things off because he would knock them over and oh lord that would make for some interesting moments as well. Dakota would have his mouth black with smoke but never once burned his mouth. I don’t know how but he didn’t I would always check.

Dakota has since left us. It was a sad day for the family. But I bet he is chasing fireworks every July 4th in doggy heaven.. Our family loved him so much.

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