Health and Fitness Benefits of Dog Ownership

Love a Dog; Love Yourself

Love and companionship are the usual suspects when dog owners are asked why they chose to have a dog. Did you know that your loving pooch is giving you more than a lick and tail wag?

There are real health and fitness benefits to having a dog. Most dogs are not born as passive beings that sit and watch your every move and obediently sit, sleep and eat when you say so and want nothing from you than a pat on the head.

We have to play with, walk, cuddle, and interact regularly with our dogs to keep them happy and healthy. In return we are walking, playing, cuddling and happier. All this dog interaction is contributing to your mental, physical and general overall health.

The Pup With The Happy Paws

  • Medical studies fin pet owners are happier and live longer.
  • According the CDC dog ownership helps reduce blood pressure.
  • Stress reducing hormones increase in the body when patients pet their Dogs.
  • Dogs are in programs at schools and senior centers as therapy for patients and learning subjects for children

Social Interaction Increased With Dog Ownership

  • People consider people that are walking their dog as more approachable and friendly, thereby increasing social interaction.
  • Dogs will approach people creating opportunities for social moments.
  • Social media is full of pictures of people show the antics of their pets.

Immunity Increases

  • Children raised in homes with dogs have stronger immune systems and fewer allergies
  • It is a fact that happier people are generally healthier than unhappy people are and dogs make most people happy.

A Tired Dog is a Happy and Healthy Dog

  • When you walk your dog, 30 minutes a day 5 days a week, you are getting fresh air and exercising.
  • Throwing a ball, tug of war and tussling with your frisky pup is aerobic exercise and good for the pet owner increasing the heart rate, stretching muscles and moving around is great for you and your dog.

Believe in your Dog

  • Belief is a powerful medicine and mind over matter is a positive influence on dog owners’ mental and physical health
  • Pet owners believe their dogs make them healthier and happier.

Companion Dogs

  • Senior pet owners establish routine and purpose to daily life.
  • Disabled pet owners have a companion to look after that looks after them.
  • Therapy dogs relieve anxiety in patients that fearful in situations are not as fearful when a dog is presented to them either right before or during.
  • Responsibility for a dog builds self-esteem and courage.
  • Medically trained companion dogs help their owners with everyday routine and some detect medical emergencies for their owners.


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