How to Help Your Dog Take Pills

A few months ago we found out that our dog had a few health problems. The vet said her heart and lungs were in bad shape and that she also had heart worms. We were given a few different options and we eventually decided on the pills route. Right now our dog takes 6 pills in the morning and another 6 at night. The pills are basically to help remove some of the water gathering in her lungs and weaken the heart worms.

In the beginning everything was fine. We started off by putting the pills in hot dogs and this was working great. I could take a 1/4 of a hot dog and administer almost all of the pills in that. Eventually, she must have figured out that these hot dogs were not all they were cracked up to be and she would not eat them anymore.

Let me tell you up front, if you have ever dealt with a dog who would not take her pills you know what I am fixing to say is true. One of the most frustrating things I have ever had to deal with in my life is when our dog would spit her pills out. Well, on some nights I would have had a better chance of finding Bin Laden than getting these stinking pills down our dog’s throat.

We have tried hot dogs, cheese, and sour cream among other items with some success but nothing has worked better than our new found friend. I am really not sure why we did not think about this sooner. From the time our dog was little, my wife has loved giving her peanut butter because she licks and licks and licks. It is almost impossible for our dog to spit up anything with peanut butter in her mouth and to make it even better she loves peanut butter. Since we have started using peanut butter our marriage has gotten better and we are doing better financially. Not really, but it sometimes feels like it.

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Of course you may want to consult your vet before feeding your beloved animal peanut butter but if you are having problems getting the pills down you should strongly consider peanut butter. Your nervous system will thank you.

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