Helping Your Dog Cope with Winter

Winter for many pet owners is a difficult time. Typically, the exercise level that our pets get during the summer and warmer months drops off drastically when winter hits and the snow starts. There are some easy ways to keep your pet both happy and healthy throughout the winter months.

First, getting dogs new toys every winter is always a good idea. A rope or pull toy is a great option because it allows for indoor tug of war. This is a great way for pets to work out their muscles and is a great way for them to let out bent up frustration of being stuck indoors. Toys that allow you to place treats inside them are always a great option as well. This will keep your dog happy and amused for hours, attempting to get the treat out, with this option they always get a reward in the end.

Second, try to take advantage of the warmest days. If at all possible try to get your dog out of the house on a walk on one of the warmer days. Even if this is only once or twice a month it will be great for the dog to be outside running around again. Also, try taking your dog on short errands with you so that they are in the car. This also eases the anxiety of winter for most dogs.

Third, if space allows in your home, try to play indoor fetch with your dog. It brings all the enjoyment of outside fun but with out the cold and bitter winds.

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Incorporating these three techniques should help to both relieve your pets anxiety about being caged up all winter and should ease your life as well. When our pets are happy and content our lives are both easier and happier. These things will also allow your pet to sleep better at night and relax more during the day. Exercise keeps our dogs happy and healthy and these are ways for your to ensure this year round.

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