How To Make Your Dog Gain Muscle

How To Make Your Dog Gain Muscle

Ever wanted to give your dog a “ripped” look? Need to boost your dogs endurance or ability to perform certain tasks?

Whatever the reason you want your dog to grow and maintain a healthy muscle mass, you can do much the same thing with him as you would yourself to increase muscle size and fitness.

  1. Weight Pulling

This is a technique where a “pulling harness” is placed over your dog and a weight attached to the end. When your dog pulls it will place more pressure on your dog, similar to the pressure lifting weights puts our own bodies under.

One important note for weight pulling. Make sure you train your dog to only pull on command. Pulling weights can be as dangerous for dogs as lifting them is for us, keep your dog safe by ensuring he only pulls on command and make sure each pull is straight and true.

Some dogs never enjoy this exercise, if yours doesn’t you may have to try something else.

  1. Tug of War

This is a fun game for both dog and owner. By allowing your dog to bite on a rope toy and pull on the other end, you can help build your dog’s muscles (And yours too!) and bond with him too.

  1. Bike Runs

You can train your dog to run alongside you as you ride your bike. This forces your dog to jog alongside you and can build all the same muscles as he would whilst walking, on double time!

Please be careful though, during hot weather please don’t make your dog run for long distances, particularly if he’s a whippet or greyhound breed as it can cause serious illness and heat stress.

  1. Ball Games

Running is one thing, yet nothing stretches your dog in a multitude of different ways quite like playing ball. Try to throw the ball high as your dog will try and stretch fully to catch it! This will exercise muscle groups even vets don’t know exist!

  1. Running Up And Down Stairs

This is a great exercise for building your dog’s chest muscles, especially when running up the stairs! To start the game, try throwing a ball up the stairs and train your dog to fetch the ball back down to you.

This has all the benefits of a standard game of catch, yet with the added bonus of your dog building his chest muscles due to the elevation of his run.


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